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100 MPG??

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Posted by Robert Maxim on September 3, 2005, 7:51 am

If this is inappropriate for these groups, I apologize.  I didn't see any
newsgroups that really looked perfect for this inquiry.

Anyone have an update on this??

In Memphis, an independent tinkerer named John M. Hewitt is using a
hydraulic system on what used to be a Chevy S-10 pickup. The truck, which
he says accelerates adequately with an engine of less than 100 horsepower,
achieves more than 100 miles per gallon. He uses a diesel engine designed
for marine use, because it is meant to run long hours at constant speed.

Posted by Anthony Matonak on September 3, 2005, 3:23 pm

Robert Maxim wrote:

I've never heard of this but then I lay no claim to all knowledge.
I do know a couple of decades back that some magazines had plans
for hybrid/electric trucks that got in the range of 80 MPG. They
were extremely underpowered though.

Doing a quick google search, I notice that several people have
modified Honda Insight's to get in the 90 MPG range when run
over test tracks. It's likely they would get less in ordinary

VW did make a prototype '1-Liter' car which got 264 MPG but
it was too expensive to put in production.

According to that article above, they do have a car that gets
78 MPG fairly affordably. So, while the 100 MPG goal may not
be available yet, it does seem that high 70's is.

The EPA list shows MPG tops out around 60 MPG for cars in the
United States.


Posted by Bob Adkins on September 3, 2005, 4:10 pm


Just doing the physics, if the engine is near to 100 HP... let's say 85,
there's no way it can get 100MPG. At some point, you run out of power
(BTU's) in the fuel.  Most of these assertions are just rumors and

Internal combustion engines are just about topped out in efficiency. To get
better mileage without performance suffering, you need to shed weight. Lots
of weight. Lightweight construction materials are very expensive, so you
won't see any 100 MPG 4 passenger vehicles any time soon.

Posted by Ford Prefect on September 3, 2005, 4:22 pm

Bob Adkins wrote:

A buddy of mine just put in some sort of diesel farm engine in his ford
ranger and is getting over 55mpg without any other major modifications.
I'm not sure of the horsepower of his engine, but as farm use/utility
engine I doubt it is over 60hp.

Posted by Ford Prefect on September 3, 2005, 4:24 pm

Bob Adkins wrote:

Just a thought on this, sometime last year I recall someone posting a
link to plans and a article of a fellow who built a 150mpg car powered
by a small honda motorcycle engine. Anyone else recall this or has a
link to it.?

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