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Posted by Josepi on January 3, 2010, 8:18 pm

Colour is a good idea. I find even the big vehicles with lots of chrome on
the front are too often almost pulled out on. The second look seems to
register in the brain as movement though.

On Sun, 3 Jan 2010 10:37:19 -0800 (PST), Jim Wilkins

Shortly after getting the scooter I was thinking about getting a 250cc
which go 80mph, the 150cc only goes 65mph and if I went on the highway
I'd have no extra acceleration if I needed it to get out trouble,
which is the reason I don't go on the highway.

I bought the most visible color they had (Red) and like your rain
slicker idea, even though I'm a fair whether driver decreasing wind
chill while raising visibility makes good sense to me.



Posted by x on January 3, 2010, 7:17 pm

   Holy cow!  I put over 2000 miles on just my bicycle last year!
(The bike acts as our "second car")  Chinese scooters remain a
temptation, as do "E" bikes, but it is amazing what that bit of
peddling excercise has done for my health.

   There is no reason why any reasonably new car should routinely need
to have mechanical repairs.  I recently sold a Honda Civic with 80,000
miles and NO mechanical repair bills beyond routine maintenance.  I
have 50,000 miles on our Accord with the same results so far.  Perhaps
you might reconsider your attachment to Jags?


Posted by Curbie on January 3, 2010, 8:49 pm


The "E" bikes are a great thing, I know a guy who made a side business
out of selling "E" bikes to folks who got DUI's down here in Florida,
because of the no license laws. It was the first thing I considered,
just not fast enough for me.

He's got a tricked out personal one with both a hub and gear motors
that's a rocket, 40mph with no paddle assist.

The Jag was a good car for me and considering how much is sat around,
I'm a little surprised I didn't have more maintenance issues than I
did, it is history now, I doubt they have Jag shingles where I want to
move, but I think we may be talking about a different class of cars.


Posted by Neo on January 4, 2010, 12:47 am

Since vehicles devaluate so rapidly - would not
a reliable used vehicle with lo mileage would be
a safer and functionally more useful alternative to
brand new Chinese scooter?

Posted by Neo on January 3, 2010, 8:34 pm

Going over 25 mph on a scooter would be very dangerous - if the
scooter hits anything or  if anything hits that scooter then the
scooter is going to spin out-of-control and the driver would be
thrown off the scooter and most likely killed instantaneously
when the driven hit the earth again.

Since the scooter's fuel efficiency would suffer greatly from
air resistance at speed over 35 mph - the scooters could
probably only acheive 70 mpg if it was driven between under 33 mph.
If a scooter was driven constantly at 60mph its fuel efficiency
would probably drop to about 30mpg to 35mpg due to
the wind resistance the scooter's engine would have to

In Europe, a driver can get easily get 60 mpg (at about 45mph)
and carry 4 passengers  plus six bags of groceries using a

VW Polo Bluemotion
Toyota Agoya

And they would also be highway legal (capable of 75 mph),
have a longer range, (400 miles) and be much safer than
a scooter in a collision.

If you want to be completely independent of any fuel source
supply  there is a human powered metro vehicle
(vehicles that are meant to be driven under 30 mph) that requires
no fuel at all (its a zero-emission vehicle/quadra-cycle). It's
basically a modified rail pump car made in the state of Washington
called a human-car.. see...


This particular quadra cycle can be faster than other forms of
recumbent tricycles because of its unique transmission which
allows it to harness the power of four humans simulataneously
using multiple gearing ratios. However, the driver would have
to be an athlete to use it for any significant length of time.

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