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Posted by Duane C. Johnson on January 30, 2006, 11:00 am

MrE wrote:

 > One word.. "Halliburton"  Must I say more?

Oh ya, that's the company President Clinton decided
to use to help rebuild Bosnia with a No-Bid contract.


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Posted by SJC on January 31, 2006, 4:49 am

  As a comment on the previous post about the VP, I think
that C.A.F.E. is about conservation and should be part of
our national energy policy.
  It is like saying that a personal virtue is no lead foot driving,
but the fact that the car gets 10 mpg is of no importance to a national
energy policy.
  If you follow that logic, as a virtue one could chose not to lead foot
drive and that would be their choice, but the government has no business
setting fuel economy standards.
  I disagree, if that was the VP's point. On this renewables group we are
discussing renewable energy presumably because we believe that is would
be a good idea. Hopefully we will develop more renewable energy before
we run out of non-renewable energy sources..
  If we do not have CAFE standards and depend on personal virtue,
we may run out of oil sooner, it will be harder to find and cost more.
We may even start to run out before we have developed alternate sources
of energy. That does not seem like good policy to me.

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