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Posted by Phoenix on April 25, 2010, 3:14 am

I am in my 70's so I really need a generator I can count on, I
purchased on from a company called "Ram Power" it was a
diesel powered electric started generator, from the start it
was a disaster, I had a good friend who checked it out and
he basically said unless you are good mechanic this will never
work properly. I could not get parts from the company nor
a service manual. My next generator was ordered from a
company called "Heartland" when it arrived I called the company
about  a service manual and was told there was no manual available
nor was there no warranty.

 Judging from my experience I would not buy any generator made
in China or any generator that can not have a repair company locally
that can repair the generator if it malfunctions.

Let the buyer beware, both of these companies when I ordered the
generators told me they had service manuals and parts available
and when I requested the manuals they denied ever saying it.

Posted by m II on April 25, 2010, 5:03 am

Phoenix wrote:

I know your pain. I have been trying to get my Red Maple diesel
generator replaced for over TWO YEARS. No success. The communists don't
give a rat's ass about you after you buy one.


The Canadian Standards Association has done nothing to help me. I have
talked to them twice and have sent many emails.

It appears they are afraid of the commies. The CSA doesn't even seem too
worried about the COUNTERFEIT approval stickers being used on the faulty

What a scam.

More details here:


TORONTO, ON   September 26, 2007 CSA International, in cooperation
with Fuzhou Launtop M&E Co. Ltd. and Better Source Asia, of Fuzhou City,
China announces a voluntary recall of approximately 30,000 gasoline-and
diesel-powered generators. The affected models were produced with
uncertified circuit protectors, circuit breakers, receptacles and wiring
and do not meet the applicable standards. The uncertified components and
wiring may pose a shock and/or fire hazard. In addition, some generators
may have circuit breakers bearing counterfeit (unauthorized use)
registered trademarks belonging to CSA International.

No incidents or injuries have been reported related to the affected

This recall affects all gasoline models rated for 950 W, 1200 W, 2500 W,
3000 W, 3800 W, 5000 W, and 6500 W and diesel models rated for 2200 W,
3600 W, 5000 W, 5500 W and 6000 W. The affected models may bear a CSA
mark with or without file numbers 223771 or 233220.

These generators were sold in Canada and the United States under the
brand names Alternative Power Source, Aurora, CM, Elim International,
Ener G, Genertek, Launtop, Portland, Power on the Go, Red Maple. The
units were sold by retail, equipment auction houses and internet outlets
for between $60.00 to $,300.00 CDN

Owners of the subject generators are advised to stop using them
immediately and are requested to return them to the point of purchase or
to contact Fuzhou Launtop M&E Co. Ltd. toll free at
1-866-975-6748, between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm EST, Monday through Friday,
or via the company website at www.launtop.cn for a free replacement.

Posted by Joe from Kokomo on April 25, 2010, 3:29 pm

On 4/25/2010 1:03 AM, m II wrote:

Well, maybe they should be afraid of the commies. Does China own three
fourths of Canada like they do the USA?

Posted by m II on April 26, 2010, 5:59 am

Joe from Kokomo wrote:

I wouldn't be surprised.

Our politicians seem to be in love with them. I think they'd love to set
up an equivalent system here.

You know the scenario...Business runs the government and the government
 keeps the work force nice, stable and cheap.

The Canadian government still gives foreign aid money to the communists.
It is truly obscene.

I was under the impression that the US still gives them money too.

It isn't aid at all, it's pure extortion by the commies to ensure
continued foreign access to almost free labour and no pollution restraints.


Posted by ghio on April 26, 2010, 12:45 pm

Ya gotta laugh. Why are you blaming the Chinese? They didn't sell it
to you. That was done by a Canadian who knows there's a sucker born
every minute. And as for the yank complaining about the Chinese owning
3/4 of America, well who the hell sold it to them. And that after
decades of complaining about those dirty commie unionists. Ya know the
worst of it is, that after the yanks begged the Chinese to take over
America's manufacturing so the yanks could have cheap consumer goods,
they sold the Chinese all their machine tools as scrap. But then the
best part of the joke is, that to keep the oil pipe line from
Uzbekistan open through Afghanistan, not to mention just keeping their
economy afloat, the yanks borrow millions from China to pay the

Did someone mention a sucker being born every minute? You wanted
cheap? You got it.

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