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Aluminum-Air Batteries

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Posted by Deleted on January 12, 2009, 3:00 am
Al-air batteries look like an interesting technology.  Apparently they are
quite powerfull but cannot be electrically recharged.  No problem for me if
I knew how to build them (since I tend to have a lot of aluminum cans
around - I drink a lot of beer...).

I did a google on this subject and only found the basic classroom stuff on
how to make a simple 1 volt 100 ma battery.  I would like to see more
details on how to make higher powered batteries that could power my electric
vehicle (Penninger recumbent trike with a hub motor).

I'll be experimenting with this stuff for a while, but a link to a good web
site would be a great help.  Got one?  Please post...

I guess I'll start with the "activated charcoal" and salt water paper towel
trick - but I'm thinking it can be done better than that.  Although... salt
water isn't a bad idea since I only live a few blocks away from the ocean.
How about citric acid - like orange or lemon juice?

I tried a little can battery about 2 years ago and got about a half a volt
out of it but lost interest.  I'm gaining interest again and thinking of
using a series of aluminum plates to make 36 or more volts at some
reasonable amperage.  Suggestions?

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