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Posted by lkgeo1 on September 7, 2006, 3:51 pm

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Thursday, September 7.
Dear Vehicle Owner,

I know how you feel about gas prices.I feel the same way.

That's why I decided to do something about it. That's what has driven
my work, made me lock myself up in my workshop and, finally, made me
come up with a solution.

So What Exactly Is Oxy Hydrogen?

It is a simple, smart and extremely efficient device.

The challenge that I was faced with was to separate the hydrogen from
the water in an energy-efficient manner and then direct the gas to the
vehicle's fuel system.

It took a lot of work, many trials and a few different prototypes to
get to the optimum version. And THAT is the one I am presenting you

Here are some shots showing the Oxy Hydrogen installed in a Mercedes.

I am going to show you what the main benefits of using the Oxy Hydrogen

This is what OXY HYDROGEN will do for you:
Increased Gas Mileage I guarantee a vast reduction in your fuel
consumption (although from tests and user reports we have seen an
average of 15 - 28%).

More Horsepower in Your Engine The hydrogen cleans up the carbon
build-up in your engine, allowing it to run smoother and more

Less green-house gasses OXY HYDROGEN reduces the amount of harmful
noxes that your car releases in the atmosphere (making it
environmentally friendly).

I Guarantee You'll Use Less Fuel
As I said before, I guarantee a vast improvement in your gas mileage.
However, I have had reports of an average of 15 - 28 % increase. With
more reports coming in daily I continue monitoring the test results.

But How Does That Happen? You might want to ask...

Well, actually, it's pretty simple:

The Hydrogen - Oxygen mixture extracted by the OXY-HYDROGEN unit from
distilled water adds extra hydrogen to the fuel mixture (as you know,
hydrogen burns easily and powerfully) while the oxygen increases the
octane value of your fuel.

So what you get is an energy-filled burner (hydrogen) and a higher
octane fuel for FREE !!

So you can't help but SAVE with this unit...

Exactly how much you're going to save depends on your engine size

More Horse Power
Most vehicle owners know by now that an engine loses efficiency as it
accumulates carbon build-up.

When an engine burns conventional fuels it gets carbon deposits built
up. In time, these affect the performance of your engine in a negative
manner (decreased horse-power and torque)

When hydrogen burns it doesn't create any carbon, so as long as you add
hydrogen to your fuel mixture you will have no carbon build-up.
Furthermore, the oxygen-hydrogen combination helps clean up deposits
that are already there.

Thus, you will have a cleaner engine that runs smoother and has more

You'll Help Save The Environment
Everybody is worried about global warming. You might already know that
this phenomenon is caused by build-up of carbon dioxide in the upper

The wonderful thing about OXY-HYDROGEN is that it replaces part of the
polluting fuel with clean-burning hydrogen and so, it greatly reduces
the amount of harmful emissions.
 What People are Saying ...

 Hello Save Fuel,

I have had the Oxy Hydrogen on my car for 2 months now. Its an 04 Honda
Accord, I was getting on average 24 miles to the gallon. I installed
the new unit and wow, after a few tanks I went to a whopping 34 Miles
to a gallon, that's almost a 40% savings. Also it runs smoother with
more power. Thanks you guys, this is quite something. I'm really

Jan Krijn, Vineland, CA

Hi SaveFuel,

I'm using the OxyHydrogen and am I impressed! I've got an 04 Mercury,
Grand Marqui and was getting 17 Miles a gallon. Now I'm getting 23
miles per gallon.The car has more up and go and is definitely running
smoother. I'm hardly using any water, only an inch very 200 miles.
I am going to buy more units for my rock crushing business soon, I will
be installing them on my caterpillar 3406's. They are 450 HP. Save Fuel
, Many thanks for what you are doing for us.
Jimmy, Belvedere IL

Dear HydroGen People,
We bought the Oxy-Hydrogen unit and the installation on the car was so
easy! It took me one hour and ten minutes and we had it installed. We
put in distilled water as per instructions and went on a 4 hour trip.
When we came back we checked our mileage and at 12 Amps we discovered
we had 25% savings.
The next day we went to an energy fair show in Wisconsin and showed
everybody what we had. We really want to become a distributor for this
product!! We have adjusted the amperage to 5 Amps and got 31%
savings....and this is still improving. The car seems to have more
power and it's running smoother (Our car is a 1989 Volvo 240 , 4

D & C Smith, Wisconsin

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Some Of Your Questions Answered...

Q1: Why hydrogen?

"Hydrogen has the highest energy to weight ratio, NASA has used it as a
rocket fuel since the 1940's. Most people don't notice it, but if
you watch a shuttle lift off you can see that the three rockets
attached to the shuttle itself have a light blue almost clear flame,
that is the on board hydrogen rocket. NASA also uses hydrogen for
it's primary fuel while out in space, and for making drinking water,
one pound of hydrogen when combined with oxygen will make nine pounds
of pure distilled drinking water." (extract from
http://www.geocities.com/hydrogenpower1/essays/main/hydrogen.html )
A1: Hydrogen is considered a near-perfect energy carrier. It has many
advantages over conventional fuels: it is non-toxic, it is renewable,
clean to use, it's cheap, and it produces much more energy per pound.
Hydrogen is considered the fuel of choice for energy-efficiency. As
stated above, it burns very cleanly and doesn't produce carbon
dioxide pollutants.

One of the most exciting things about hydrogen is that it is virtually
cost free since one can extract hydrogen from distilled water (one
quart of water contains 1640 quarts of hydrogen and oxygen combined).
You just have to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water,
and use both in your engine. With the Oxy Hydrogen all you do is add
one ounce of lye as an electrolyte every four months, one pint of
distilled water every 1000 miles and you're on your way to great fuel

Q2: How exactly does the Oxy Hydrogen Work?

A2: How the Oxy Hydrogen works is actually pretty ingenious. The unit
sends an electric charge through a liquid electrolyte comprised of
water and Lye which causes the hydrogen molecules to separate from the
oxygen molecules in the water. It then captures the hydrogen and
channels it into the engine via the air intake system.

Our Oxy Hydrogen Unit only draws 7 - 10 Amps (no strain on the
alternator), compared to 20 - 30 Amps on all other units on the

Q3: Will it work in your vehicle?

A3: The Oxy Hydrogen will work in virtually any conventional motor
vehicle. If your car or truck has an internal combustion engine that
burns gasoline, LPG or diesel fuel, the Oxy Hydrogen will work -- new
or old, any make or model. And, it doesn't matter if you if you have
an older carburetor-based fuel system or a newer fuel-injection system,
the Oxy Hydrogen will work. Really!

The reason why the Oxy Hydrogen will work in ANY vehicle with an
internal combustion engine is because it channels the hydrogen fuel mix
through the existing air intake system on the engine, via the standard
air intake hose or air cleaner. So, there are no modifications to the
current engine required. You just "plug" the Oxy Hydrogen into the
existing air intake system and you're all set to go..

Some folks have even installed the Oxy Hydrogen on boats and yachts.
Why not, as long as they have gas or diesel internal combustion

Q4: Is the Oxy Hydrogen hard to install? Can I install it myself?

A4: Anyone with basic mechanical skills can install the Oxy Hydrogen.
If you can install a stereo system in your car, you can install the Oxy
Hydrogen. With your Oxy Hydrogen kit you will receive full installation
instructions including diagrams. Unlike other such products, with the
Oxy Hydrogen you get everything you need for installation. And,
installing the unit does not require any modifications to your engine,
you just connect it into the existing system.

You can get someone else install it if you like. If you're not
mechanically inclined, or you just don't have the time, you can
easily get someone to install the Oxy Hydrogen in your vehicle for you.
As a test, we had a friend take a unit to his mechanic for installation
on his car and the mechanic charged an hour's labour.

Q5: Does Oxy Hydrogen work for Diesel engines also?

A5: Absolutely. For larger Diesel engines you can put on two units.

Within weeks we will also have a larger unit coming out.

Q6: Does Oxy Hydrogen Come With After-Sales Support?

A6: Yes, we pride ourselves in giving timely after-sales support. We
try to answer all e-mails within a couple of hours, and 24 hours at the
absolute most. We believe in the Oxy Hydrogen because we know it works,
and we want it to work for you so you can reap all of the benefits. As
the inventor and manufacturer of the Oxy Hydrogen, I am directly tied
into the customer support/service loop, so most advice or information
that you get from us will be straight from "the horse's mouth" with
no middle-men.

As a Oxy Hydrogen owner you will have access to special support e-mail
addresses and phone numbers.

Q7: Does the Oxy Hydrogen come with a guarantee?

A7: Yes, Oxy Hydrogen comes with a full money-back guarantee.

Every Oxy Hydrogen unit is made of high-quality stainless steel and is
thoroughly inspected and tested before it is sent out, so defects will
be rare..

Nevertheless, should you find a defect or a malfunctioning unit we
fully guarantee our materials and workmanship. So, if for any reason
your Oxy Hydrogen unit is defective in any way, contact us and we will
send you a new unit or required replacement parts by express post at
our expense.

The government does not allow us to make specific guarantees regarding
the actual mileage savings you will receive while using the Oxy
Hydrogen. That depends on various factors including: the operating
characteristics of your particular vehicle, the type of driving done
(i.e. city vs. highway), your personal style of driving, etc.

Nevertheless, should you find that the Oxy Hydrogen does not perform
for you as claimed, we will refund your money. So, if you have
installed the Oxy Hydrogen on your vehicle in accordance with the
installation instructions and you believe that you are not receiving
any fuel savings, send the unit back to us and we'll give you a full
refund of the purchase price.

What Will Your Investment Be?
Ever since I was a child, I was fascinated by hydrogen and the promises
it held. Now that I have developed this unit, I want it to be available
and affordable to everyone.

Pricing research has told me that the few Oxy Hydrogen copy-cats that
have a unit that performs (but not even close to ours) are priced at
anywhere from $50 to $000.

So, I have decided to set the regular price of Oxy Hydrogen at less
than half of those others, at $49.

If you are NOT a numbers person, you may want to skip the next couple
of pages and scroll down to the next red headline that says "Here's
What You Get With the Oxy Hydrogen".

If you do that, you'll just have to accept the numbers case made on
the next couple of pages - that the Oxy Hydrogen will indeed save you
big bucks and we even have the numbers to prove it!

Now, if you ARE one of those people that needs to see the "numbers" to
believe, the following pages have been prepared for you.

Most likely, the very first question that will come to your mind right
now is:

"Will my savings from Oxy Hydrogen be worth the investment?"

Or, some question along those lines. I know that's what I would be

The only realistic and clear way to properly answer such a question is
to do some basic math, based on some realistic assumptions.

So, that's exactly what I've done below. And, for clarification
purposes I've answered your basic cost-benefit question from a couple
of different perspectives.

First, let's take a look at roughly how long it will take you to
recover your total investment in the Oxy Hydrogen.

Here are the basic assumptions used for the calculations that follow:

Gas tank size = 20 gallons (average mid-size sedan)
Cost per gallon = $.00 (estimated one-year average, 2006)
Miles per gallon = 25.0 (average: mixed city, highway)
Miles per tank = 500 (20 gals. X 25 mpg)
Cost per fill-up = $0 (20 gals. X $.00)
Miles per year = 30,000 (average per year)

Oxy Hydrogen Savings Calculations

Oxy Hydrogen
% MPG Savings Extra Miles
Per Tank Savings Per
Tank Fill-Up
+25% 125 $5.00
+30% 150 $8.00
+35% 175 $1.00
+40% 200 $4.00
+45% 225 $7.00
+50% 250 $0.00

The assumptions used in the above calculations are considered
representative reasonable averages, based on the latest gasoline
pricing performance data that is widely available at trusted Web sites
including the U.S. government's www.fueleconomy.gov site.

So, let's look at what the above table tells us...

Number of fill-ups to recover your investment:

According to the above figures, if Oxy Hydrogen gives you mid-range
mileage savings of 35%, you will be able to recoup your investment
within about 36 fill-ups of your tank. ($49/$1.00 savings per
tank=35.6 fill-ups).

At the Oxy Hydrogen savings rate of 40%, you will be able to recover
your investment within about 31 fill-ups of your tank. ($49/$4.00
savings per tank=31.2 fill-ups).

See the right-hand column for recovery fill-ups required at each
savings rate.

Number of months to recover your investment:

Looking at it another way, if you drive an average 30,000 miles per
year with a Oxy Hydrogen installed on your vehicle, your savings on gas
you will allow you to recover your full investment in Oxy Hydrogen in
about 9 months, at the mid-range 35% savings rate.

That's based on: 30,000 mi. per yr. / 625 mi. per tank = 48.0
fill-ups per year; at savings of $1.00 per fill-up it will take 36
fill-ups to recover $49, or about 75% of a year).

Driving at an average of 30,000 miles per year with Oxy Hydrogen
installed, you will recover your investment in a mere 7 months at the
40% savings rate.

That's based on: 30,000 mi. per yr. / 700 mi. per tank = 43 fill-ups
per year; at savings of $4 per fill-up it will take 31 fill-ups to
recover $49, or about 70% of a year),

Estimated Savings over the life of your vehicle:

Let's just take a quick look now at how much you stand to save over
the life of your vehicle using Oxy Hydrogen.

For this I'm using the same assumptions I used for the previous
table. The only additional thing I am assuming here is that you will
own your Oxy Hydrogen- supplemented vehicle for somewhere between 1 and
5 years.

 Estimated Oxy Hydrogen Savings
Year +25% +30% +40%
1 $20 $64 $152
2 $20 $64 $152
3 $20 $64 $152
4 $20 $64 $152
5 $20 $64 $152
Total Savings $,600 $,320 $,760

I've cut the table off at 5 years here to keep it short. However, it
should be obvious that there will be extra savings for each additional
year you drive your Oxy Hydrogen enabled vehicle.

Clearly, even at the relatively conservative scenarios and assumptions
used in the above calculations, year-to-year savings due to the Oxy
Hydrogen will be significant.

Here's What You Get With The Oxy Hydrogen...
With Oxy Hydrogen you get everything you need for a complete one-time
installation -- all included in the basic unit price. That includes the
detailed installation instructions and schematics, and all the wires
and mounting hardware you will need.

I even throw in a $9 ammeter and a 50 amp rocker switch, not to
mention the hoses, clamps, screws, brackets, fuse and fuse holder, and
the spade terminals. I could go on, but, I think you get the idea

Here's a price breakdown that compares the Oxy Hydrogen to the
typical prices charged for one of those other "copy-cat" units:

Component  Oxy Hydrogen Other
Unit Base Price $49.00 $ 950.00-$000.00
Heat Resistant Stainless Steel Reactor (Generator) Included Often PVC
or partial Stainless
Wiring Schematic Included Sometimes
Electrical Wiring Included $ 26.00*
Fuse & Fuse holder Included $ 6.50*
High quality ammeter with bracket and back light Included $ 29.00*
50 Amp Switch Included $ 10.95*
Instruction Sheet  Included  $ 3.00*
Unlimited "After Sale" Technical Support Included  Sometimes
Full 2 Years "No questions asked" Product Replacement Warranty
Included  None at all to max 90 days limited warranty!
TOTAL COST $49.00 $025.45 - $075.45

* approx wholesale price for necessary items

That's right! With Oxy Hydrogen you get everything you need in the
initial installation kit - all included in the one base-price.

Your Iron Clad Oxy Hydrogen Guarantee
 We fully guarantee our materials and workmanship. Should you find your
Oxy Hydrogen unit to be defective in any way, let us know and we will
send you a new unit or the required replacement parts by express post
at our expense. Should you find that the Oxy Hydrogen does not give you
a reasonable level of fuel savings, return the unit to us within30 days
and we will refund your money.


As an introductory offer, I will sell the New Oxy Hydrogen for Just
$97.00 (for a limited time only). I will also include FREE SHIPPING!,
(a $9.00 Value)

However, please be warned... I want you to know that I do expect to
raise the price shorty to the updated price of $49.00. So if you come
back, and the special price and bonus Free Shipping is gone. I'm sorry,
but there's nothing I can do.

Oxy Hydrogen IS the Real Deal!
The Oxy Hydrogen IS a scientifically designed and professionally
manufactured fuel-supplement-kit that works on the basis of well known
scientific principles.

Our Oxy Hydrogen IS NOT one of those gimmicky gadgets or hocus-pocus
additives that make unproven and often ridiculous claims about motor
vehicle gas savings.

So, if you want to get serious and start making significant
improvements to your vehicle's gas mileage performance, there's no
need to hesitate any longer.

With the Oxy Hydrogen you've found what you've been looking for.

Yours sincerely, Stanley Wu, Inventor and Manufacturer


Do you prefer to mail in your order?

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Direct any questions or concerns to our Customer Care Department or
call 1-905-228-3184

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Copyright  2006. All Rights Reserved.

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Petawawa, Ontario K8H-1X2

Posted by Agrajag The Prolonged on September 7, 2006, 5:34 pm

Just curious, how much did they pay you to post that here?

Buy Now | Contact Us
Discover How You Can
Improve Your Fuel Mileage Now
Using Supplemental Hydrogen, Guaranteed!

--<120 lines of spam snipped off here>--

Posted by Windsun on September 7, 2006, 5:34 pm

What a crock of bovine feces

Posted by Harry on September 7, 2006, 7:33 pm

This is not a new idea but resurfaces every now and then.  There was an
outfit in the UK selling a DIY kit back in the 1960s I recall. It died
a death. Putting water vapour into the inlet manifold of an ICE does
result in an increase in power available. But you don't get anything
for nothing.  What happens is the latent heat of evaporation (ie
cooling effect)of the water results in a denser fuel air mix, ie you
can get more fuel/air into the engine resulting in a power increase.
But no fuel saving.  The effect is most noticeable on a hot dry day
particularly on a diesel engine.
There's a slight difference in the combustion process I believe but it
doesn't result in any savings.

Windsun wrote:

Posted by <beard6801 on September 7, 2006, 10:48 pm

Actually there is a method that does actually work, and pure hydrogen would
work in the application....I'll try to find the links, but for now I'll just
talk you through it. Basically an ICE is operated as normal, and the
combustion of the fuel is incomplete because of the way a spark propogates
through the air fuel mixture on the ignition stroke. Introduction of a
gaseous fuel (I beliee the article used propane) into the mixture gives a
more complete burn of the volume in the cylinder while also providing a
cooling effect.

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