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Posted by Morris Dovey on November 5, 2009, 9:58 pm

John Larkin wrote:

You made me look. What we have in our kitchen is Barilla (Headquartered
in Parma, Italy). I was aware that they'd built a large plant up the
road from me in Ames, Iowa back in 1998. I like their products
(especially a spaghetti sauce made with both green and ripe olives) but
didn't know much about their operation. A quick web search turned up


where they say their pasta products (except their tortellini and oven
ready lasagna) are all made in the US. The label on this jar of
spaghetti sauce says "Product of USA", so at least one of the pasta
producers has managed to eliminate the trip to Italy and back.

Methinks there's a fair number of folks in Ames who're pretty happy to
have (imported) European employment. :)

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
DeSoto, Iowa USA

Posted by Michael on November 5, 2009, 10:10 pm

On Nov 5, 1:08pm, John Larkin


Hmm... sounds like a business opportunity there.

I bought an Italian cookbook from Williams-Sonoma and tried to make my
own pasta from flour and eggs once.  I didn't have the proper pasta
flattener/roller/cutter thingie so I just used a rolling pin and a
knife.  The pasta was a bit thicker than recommended.  When boiling,
it was amazing... the low thermal conductivity of the dough was such
that the outside was cooked, but the inside wouldn't cook no matter
how long I boiled.

Pyramid Apricot Ale is one of my favorites.  So is the Czechvar
(Budweiser?) from a local Czech-German restaurant...

???  I'd imagine they make it from wheat?  :D

Thanks for the warning.


Posted by daestrom on November 6, 2009, 12:18 pm

John Larkin wrote:

I'm partial to their peppermint bark.  Only available here around
Christmas though.  Something to look forward to next month :-)


Posted by George Herold on November 6, 2009, 3:39 am

On Nov 4, 10:03pm, John Larkin

Hee Hee... Yeah.  Cadbury is not too bad though.  (Thanks for
entertaining me John.)

George H.

Posted by Fred Abse on November 15, 2009, 6:31 pm

On Wed, 04 Nov 2009 19:03:38 -0800, John Larkin wrote:

Swiss and German, (you missed out Belgian, that's good, too) chocolate is
made using 100% cocoa butter. It's also subjected to a much longer mixing
process that makes it smoother.

Hershey & Cadbury take the cocoa butter out and sell it to cosmetics
manufacturers, then replace it using any old vegetable fat.

"Electricity is of two kinds, positive and negative. The difference
is, I presume, that one comes a little more expensive, but is more
durable; the other is a cheaper thing, but the moths get into it."
                                             (Stephen Leacock)

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