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Are you using one electric water heater now? tank or tankless?

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Posted by ateliving on March 18, 2008, 1:48 am
Hi everyone,

Are you using one electric water heater now? tank or tankless? If so,
are you afraid that some electric current leaks out? If at that time,
you are bathing, would you think what would happened? It's very

Now you could get one very safe electric water heater if you ask one
more safety device form your electric water heater supplier. You
should know this safety device name---Electric leakage protection
wall. Yes, it would works as one substantial safety wall to protect
you from  the leakage of the electric current.

This safety device is very cheaper, small, beautiful, and easy

If you are interested in this safety device---Electric leakage
protection wall. Please consult your local dealer or contact us. Click
this link to find the detail directly and quickly:

Arthur Huang
Ateliving Trade and industries Co.,Ltd
Website: http://www.ateliving.com  

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Posted by Robert Barr on March 18, 2008, 7:50 pm



Well, I might have to filter out gmail too.  Wiping out googlegroups
trash has left my Usenet experience 99.8% BS-free.

Posted by Daniel Who Wants to Know on March 18, 2008, 9:19 pm
How exactly is a 1/4" diameter element with a grounded steel casing around a
ceramic and resistance wire core supposed to leak a fatal amount of current
through the water past a grounded steel tank and through many feet of
grounded copper water lines?  Even if the lines are CPVC the tank itself is
still metal and even though it is porcelain lined capacitive coupling would
still provide enough of a ground path.  I personally would be more worried
about a faulty P/T valve letting my water heater explode than I would be
worried about being shocked let alone electrocuted in the shower.  BTW I
have a nat. gas WH currently.

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