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Posted by Jim Wilkins on March 16, 2020, 9:58 pm

The Home Depot ceiling tiles I used resist a propane torch flame quite  
well. I have some corrugated galvy roofing to cover it from rain or  
snow though it hasn't been tested. A weighted tarp would probably  

At first I taped the tiles' edges with aluminum foil duct tape, which  
didn't stick well enough to be a permanent solution but it protected  
them from shredding while I fitted and pop-riveted the sheet steel  
channel |_| sections, which were cut and folded from a scrapped  
above-ground pool.

I used a shear and brake, but thin sheet steel can be bent neatly  
without a brake by clamping it between planks along the bend line and  
hammering on a block of wood placed against the free side to spread  
the force and sharpen the bend along the bend line.

Posted by hubops on March 16, 2020, 10:13 pm
On Mon, 16 Mar 2020 17:58:23 -0400, "Jim Wilkins"

  Thanks for the ideas.
Is yours a  simple knock-down  design   when not in use ?
   John T.

Posted by Jim Wilkins on March 16, 2020, 11:10 pm
The corners of the back wall have angular brackets that extend forward  
to brace the sides when assembled, or hold all the panels nested  
together for transport and storage. I considered hinging the sides to  
the back but the sheet steel I used is too thin to stand the strain.  
The unattached top panel lifts off to service the genny.

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