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BP Opens New Hydrogen Fueling Station In Southeast Michigan Under U.S. Department of Energy Project

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Posted by lkgeo1 on October 24, 2006, 1:14 pm

BP Opens New Hydrogen Fueling Station In Southeast Michigan Under U.S.
Department of Energy Project

Publication Date:23-October-2006
12:30 PM US Eastern Timezone
DETROIT--BP today dedicated a new hydrogen fueling station as part of a
U.S. Department of Energy project designed to facilitate the
field-testing of fuel cell vehicles and fueling infrastructure in the
United States. The program is the next step in bringing hydrogen to
broad market distribution. Located at the NextEnergy Center in Detroit,
the BP hydrogen station will supply fuel to DaimlerChrysler fuel cell
vehicles. The BP hydrogen station at NextEnergy Center is part of a
collaboration between BP, DaimlerChrysler and NextEnergy, supported by
U.S. DOE's five-year fuel cell vehicle and infrastructure validation

"BP is committed to developing cleaner fuels. This newest station
allows us to continue our ongoing work to gain real-world experience in
hydrogen fueling infrastructure and help build public awareness of this
developing technology," said Bill Fitzharris, BP's general manager of
technology for hydrogen for transport. "This program is a great
opportunity for government, energy companies and the auto industry to
work collaboratively to develop alternative fuel for the future."

A partner to BP in the DOE program, DaimlerChrysler has spent more than
$ billion in fuel cell vehicle research and development. As part of
the world's largest fleet of fuel cell vehicles, DaimlerChrysler has
more than 30 fuel cell vehicles with customers in the United States and
more than 100 around the world.

NextEnergy is a non-profit corporation founded to enable the
commercialization of energy technologies that positively contribute to
economic competitiveness, energy security and the environment.

"NextEnergy is delighted to work with BP and DaimlerChrysler to
accelerate alternative energy solutions such as hydrogen and fuel cells
to market," said Jim Croce, NextEnergy's chief executive officer. "The
NextEnergy Center provides a unique platform for alternative fuel
innovators like BP to test and validate their technologies in a real
world environment."

BP is working with DOE and partners DaimlerChrysler and Ford to develop
hydrogen fuel stations in Michigan, Florida and California. BP also is
involved in refueling infrastructure to support fuel cell buses and
cars in a number of cities across the world, including Barcelona,
Spain; Stuttgart and Hamburg in Germany; London, U.K.; Porto, Portugal;
Singapore and Perth, Australia.

Additional information about BP's hydrogen program can be found at
http://www.bp.com/hydrogen .

For more information on BP, please go to http://www.bp.com .  

Posted by Eeyore on October 24, 2006, 2:13 pm

lkgeo1 wrote:

A whole ONE.


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