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Boiler Blowdown - Receiver Sizing

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Posted by Pressure Vessel Manufacturer on October 7, 2009, 9:00 am

Boiler Blowdown Tank Volume Estimation:

Who has a hard and fast rules on boiler blowdown receiver
sizing ?
We manufacture a range of Blowdown receivers and supply then to a
broad spectrum of companies.
Many use their own approximative rule of thumb methods for sizing and
some more
technical - we ourselves aim within the guidelines of publications
like PM60.
HSE publication PM60 is mostly re-produced here and you will see in
actual fact it
leaves plenty to the imagination.....
Does anyone employ a method (without tonnes of  pages of
calculations) that they find reliable ?
Some smaller of our smaller operators of steam plant seem divided
over the 'best way' - bearing in mind the larger the vessel is the
more it will cost, so if they don't offer like for like they could be
priced out of the job.

Answers on a Postcard ?

Abbott & Co.(Newark) Ltd
Newark Boiler Works

Notts. NG24 2EJ
Tel: 01636 704208
Fax 01636 705742

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