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CFL ?Problem?

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Posted by SayItAgain on February 11, 2004, 2:35 am
I just bought some FEIT 23 CFL's to replace my garage lights.  When I turn
them on they're very dim and slowly brighten up over several minutes.  Even
after 30 minutes they don't seem to be equivalent to 100 watt regular bulbs.

My experience with 40 watt tubes is they hit full brightness almost

Do all CFL's do this?

FYI Costco was selling them for $1 for four with an instant $ rebate.
Similar rebates on the PAR's and "60 watt" CFL's.  I was going to get some
of the "60's" but not if they ramp up as slowly as the 23 watt ones.

Posted by Martin Riddle on February 11, 2004, 3:26 am
I have a GE and Philips 15w CFL's and they do take a little time to reach full
brightness. These seem the same as 60w incandesents,
but they give off a cooler white light than the standard soft white flouresents.
Much the same as the kitchen and bathroom off white


Posted by Ecnerwal on February 11, 2004, 3:45 am

They vary. Some are bad about turning on slowly, others are horrible. It
certainly makes me leery of buying a large number without getting a
sample first to make sure that a particular batch is actually going to
work the way it should.

Some actually lie about light output (and Consumers Reports caught them
doing that a while back).

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Posted by Roger Gt on February 11, 2004, 5:32 am
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wrote in message

others are horrible. It

number without getting a

batch is actually going to

Consumers Reports caught them

These are all made in China and they are pretty
They meet light output specifications only at 25
degrees C.

Posted by SQLit on February 11, 2004, 2:45 pm

I have been using CFL's for years. We found at work, installed base of 3-4
thousand of them. Certain brands do not like cold weather. We have a lot of
ones made by GE with replaceable lamps. The 5-7 watters do pretty good in
cold weather, above freezing. They will warm up eventually and go full
bright. Bigger wattage, 9-13-27 do not do as well in cold weather. As for
the ones at Costco, I have 20 or so installed in my home. No problems with
them at all.  If you need something that works in cold weather I suggest you
try the Panasonics they look like a light bulb just a little fatter. I have
one on my porch light and it has been working outside for 8 years.

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