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Posted by GregS on June 3, 2010, 3:20 pm

I have had 3 Alltrade kawasaki drills. One trigger went bad. One intermittant.
One still works. I can probably fix again the intermittant, and I
need to order the trigger for about $5.\What a mess with the Nicds.
First set of 19 volts works OK, and the charger seemed to work OK, but
they recalled it. Got a rebate. Second 19 volt came with a 4 hour manual
charger, that I have really begun to mess up the batteries by
overcharging. The newest 21 volt and charger have been OK except for
the intermmitant. The charger is basically a 1 hour timer which seems OK.

In the interim bought a Sears Lithium, only one battery. Good but
it does not have as low a clutch as the Alltrade which can
be a problem. the direction is also reversed which drives me crazy.


Posted by Michael A. Terrell on June 3, 2010, 9:00 pm

vaughn wrote:

    I installed tiny toggle switches in the chargers on my first battery
power soldering irons.  Turn them on when I opened the shop, and off at
the end of the day. The next shop had ceiling mounted outlets for the
lights, so I just dropped a cord to the workbench for battery powered

Anyone wanting to run for any political office in the US should have to
have a DD214, and a honorable discharge.

Posted by z on June 3, 2010, 2:23 pm

Good choice.  I got a lithium Ryobi drill kit w/2 batteries as a gift six
months ago or so.  So far so good.  Yes the charger has a little charge
light and a done light!

The best thing is that all the older 18v ryobi tools work with the new
batteries, so all my other old 18v ryobi tools have a new life. So if
your pops sees a good deal on an older 18v ryobi tool not in the kit
(like a jig saw or whatnot) it'll work with the new bats.

They really rip now man.  Those batteries make things like the circular
saw actually usable.  It's crazy how long you can use the reciprocating
saw too. I've been highly impressed



Posted by Jamie on June 3, 2010, 12:28 am

Michael wrote:

Details details.. :)

Posted by Michael A. Terrell on June 3, 2010, 1:45 am

"miso@sushi.com" wrote:

   Yes.  You have no details, just a burnt saw.  I've seen a lot of
brands burn up over the last 40+ years.  Have you ever walked into a
tool repair business?  Not one burnt up harbor freight tool, but just
about any other brand you can imagine are waiting for parts.  Burnt out
motors, bad switches, missing power cords, broken shafts and cracked

   Quite often, it's because the bozo on the other side of the handle
doesn't know what the hell they are doing.  Dull blades, trying to cut
wet wood, the idiot has a bad hangover after a weekend binge, or they
are rushing to finish a job and try to make a tool do what it wasn't
made to do.

Anyone wanting to run for any political office in the US should have to
have a DD214, and a honorable discharge.

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