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Can anyone beat 20W CFLs @ 8 pence easch ? - Page 4

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Posted by Jon Kirwan on May 21, 2009, 11:31 pm
On Thu, 21 May 2009 22:31:40 +0000 (UTC), don@manx.misty.com (Don
Klipstein) wrote:

I've been told this on a number of occasions, Don.  So I've actually
gone out to the usual stores (including Home Depot) and asked for help
in finding some.  So far, I've scored a zero.  I don't disagree with
you that some do exist.  But as far as I've been able to tell (and it
may be because none of us really know what to look for and just spend
time reading labels in hopes of seeing what we need to see), the
regular (unspecified for this task) bulbs occupy the shelving that is
allotted and push anything like these off the shelves.  Out here in
Oregon, anyway.

I've been keeping my eyes peeled.  When I get something that makes a
promise, I'll be certain to use it in these locations and see how they

Some data:  The worst of my fixtures (the two that destroy CFLs the
fastest) require a specialty bulb which is the CFL but with those
triangular shaped reflector surrounding it.  The ceiling fixtures are
in my living room which has a ceiling height of over 18' above the
floor.  I can only reach them by using a long pole with a suction cup
used to screw them in and out.  This does NOT work with the usual CFL,
for obvious reasons.  These are the 65W type.  The light switch is
traditional -- no dimming capability.  Usage is modest.  Perhaps two
or three times a day.  These two fixtures kill CFLs in 4 months.

Well, again I'm looking.  I will now look for this and see.  Also,
none of what you mention fits that ceiling fixture I mentioned (I'm
guessing here.)  So my circumstance (need) isn't filled yet by CFLs I
can find, for now.


Posted by GregS on May 27, 2009, 1:46 pm

I have been using them in in upside down and horzontal partially
enclosed and fully enclosed housings for years. i also have one
on all ther time in the front yard in a fully enclose bell housing.
In the sun I'm sure it gets very hot. Runs fine for at least a year
or more. i just bought two new green CFL fully enclosed ceiling
fixtures and the CFL's came with the unit. Its horzontal,
and the bastards used the twist tabs CFL which cosy about
$ at The Home Depot. Well they should last for a while
before I have to replace them.


Posted by Don Klipstein on May 19, 2009, 1:19 am

  I use only CFLs for general home illumination.  I have had very few last
less than 2 years, and most last much longer.

  Some have limited warranties for 6 years or so with replacement.  (You
are out the cost of shipping the failed unit.  And you usually need to
include a copy of the receipt showing date of purchase and what was
purchased - even if the unit has a manufacturing date code indicating that
it failed by less than warranty period afterwards.)

  In my experience, early failures mainly occur with:

* Use in small enclosed fixtures when not specifically rated for
either/both enclosed fixtures or recessed ceiling fixtures, and also
over 18 watts.  Most 18 watts or less get away with this even if not rated
to do so in my experience.

* Use in recessed ceiling fixtures when not specifically rated for such,
and of wattage greater than 14 watts.

* Cheap dollar store stool specimens of "dollar store brands".  My
experience with those is highly negative in many ways.  I have actually
spent a total of lower-3-figures to check these out fairly thoroughly and
to be able to state that how these suck, blow and rot is actual experience
of mine (though a bit is from people I trust).  I have the sordid details


* Ones of the "Lights of America" brand - though they may have done better
than they did in my experience after I largely stopped trying them in
2001 or so.


  Better:  Generally, ones of "Big 3" brand (Philips, Osram/Sylvania, GE)
or ones with the Energy Star logo.

 - Don Klipstein (don@misty.com)

Posted by Don Klipstein on May 19, 2009, 2:07 am

  Such "hoops to jump through" I merely heard about, and I do not remember
which CFL manufacturer(s) were said to impose such.

  My actual experience is that I have yet to have a CFL conk out at such
time as for me to be able to purchase a replacement with a warranty.  
These warranties are somewhat new.

 - Don Klipstein (don@misty.com)

Posted by Don Klipstein on May 22, 2009, 3:05 am
  I was at a supermarket today and examined the package having a Philips
CFL with the warranty.  It said that a replacement bulb would be sent upon
receipt of the returned bulb, register receipt and proof of purchase.  As
best as I can remember and read the small type size.  I am wondering a bit
if it said "or" rather than "and" between the last two items, since proof
of purchase separate from register receipt sounds odd to me.

 - Don Klipstein (don@misty.com)

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