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Charles Garrett Electrolytic Carburetor

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Posted by jandre680 on November 25, 2008, 7:26 am

In 1935 Charles Garrett patented an electrolytic Carburetor which was
claimed to provide enough Hydrogen through the electrolysis of water
to run an automobile.


Posted by Jim Wilkins on November 25, 2008, 4:05 pm

You think your cell phone causes cancer???

Posted by Eeyore on November 25, 2008, 5:55 pm

jandre680 wrote:

Which was a fraud.

Posted by Mike on November 25, 2008, 10:28 pm
 On Mon, 24 Nov 2008 23:26:35 -0800 (PST), jandre680

Which is a great idea at first glance....as long as you don't have to
pay for the electricity and either have a very long flexible cable
permanently connected to your car or have a gas compressor at home and
a heavy bulky hydrogen cylinder in your car.

So it's really a crackpot idea that will never work.   The best thing
that ever came to the USA was the $+ gallon, pity it disappeared so


Posted by harry on November 26, 2008, 7:33 pm
The man is/was a crook. You don't get anything for nothing in the
world of physics or chemistry.

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