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Posted by Josepi on June 29, 2010, 3:57 pm

Thanx M II

Greasing up the Goggle poster types now Gymmy?
They be about your level of intelligence so you will be
pleased with the results.

Do not forget to introduce yourself:

Throw in some of your asinine bytes while you are at it.

A few GymyBobisms..the saga continues:
At 11.6 volts a 12v battery is about 50-70% charged still.
Polish solar panels are what americans called "flashlights"
Propane will disapate and freeze when it evaporates.
Gasoline is not nearly as volatile as hydrogen.
Many people have browsers that economize the download
Let's say youre solar cell was trying to put out
14.3 volts DC and you stuck a 10 ohm meter in series with a charged 13.8
volt DC battery.
This is power grid induction through capacitive proximity
A thought I have is rain water from a roof on a three story home through a
Breakers are good for one time usage of one fault and then they need to be
replaced for any warrantied usage.
If the breaker interupts a fault, it should be replaced.No warranty will
honoured after that.
I don't have a link at this time
There are no hydrogen molecules in water and the oxygen in water isn't
flammable either.
NiCads and NiMh batterries are designed to take a current charge forever.
Did they have electricity back in 1994?
I have been around so long with this stuff I believe I invented the diode
1941 but I am not familiar with the solar panel usage requirements of
(no P & N substrate explanations please. I wrote the GE manual...LOL)
NOTE: do not pass ground wires through metal holes or cable clamps with
screws on a metal surface.
There is **NOT*** enough energy in a lightning bolt to power your house
more than an hour...if that. Do the math.
The figures escape me but let's say it puts out a roughly MWatt of power
100 nanoseconds?
100 x 10-9 x 1 x 106  / 3600 (sec/hr) = 0.0027 wH
oooops.... Wouldn't light your home for a 1/2 second.
OK..OK.. multiply the figures time 100 or 1000. Now it would light a 100W
bulb for 1 second.
The IEEE-232 standards were never followed or known by many.
Fossil fuels are still renewable and being cxreated as we speak.
Children are venerially created.
If you want to discuss this then fine, otherwise go fuck yourself like
mother did.
Can you let go of my dick before it explodes on ya, goofball?
Petroleum is not related to Natural gas.
I would rather work at my $00/hour job than at chopping wood for hours to
save $/hour
I have no license, I wire and inspect other's wiring for a job and work
a medium size electrical utility.
The majority prefers top posting.
Get your tear ducts flushed by a knowledgeable optometrist.
Not many materials have the huge exponential resistance/heat curve
does. Overload doesn't make it glow like copper...it flashes and explodes.
A bathroom fan motor would never push hot air down ten feet or cold up ten
Bathroom fans have a hard time pushing 55 cfm through a 3-4" pipe 20
horizontal feet. They are made to vent smells and humid air horizontally
Why not spend the money on a contract with the grid company and get an
exclusive line to your house and never have brownouts.
Usenet rules dictate top posting for readability
Many cell modems are set up to filter bottom posts out.
Cell modems do not cut off anything.
What security flaws. (refering to Outlook Express)
Bottom posting was the was in the 70s and 80s before threading browsers
available cheap (like OE)
What is a PMW?
10 pounds per gallon Imperial. That gallon is totally unique to the
US....ooops..I think all gallons are unique to the US now.
The copper isn't worth more than 5 cents per pound. It is classed a mixed
copper and nobody wants it.
Hey moron! The copper is considered "mixed" copper and is worth about
per pound, if he seperates it all.
Just don't ever lose weight. Toxins are stored in your fat cells.
Did you know, **NO***, I repeat ***NO*** death has ever been related to
Insulated square copper wires from a dry transformer are not 99% copper
take a lot of work to remove the insulation.
I have tonnes of insulated copper wire if you want it. I think you could
almost have for the picking it up. How many bins can you take per year
Can't this tranformer be used by somebody to generate a second 120V from a
single phase 120V inverter? It sounds pretty beefy.
BTW: once you knock the wedge out of the coil form the laminations will be
easier to get out. This keeps them from buzzing until the varnish and
other impregnations go into it.
All you guys have a bad Christmas or Jewish and didn't see Santa or
Yes "music watts" are a complete lie and only for fools.
Peak power is RMS as there is no other way to measure power.

It's the old "mass produced" cost factor. You can't compete on a small scale

That pasta is going to make you cost other ways...LOL

Absolutely, figure it out. It costs me a nickel to make coffee or
pasta, a quarter for a shower or laundry.


fup set to alt.energy.homepower

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 29, 2010, 2:20 pm

On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 07:41:31 -0400, "vaughn"

... usually, and not that that's necessarily a good thing. But for me,
being able to ditch the grid was a bigger bargain. Same with lots of
other folks in my area. Another plus, we're not contributing as much
to the pollution costs of grid energy, which is another thing that
most folks don't bother to count. I see the same attitude at work in
the recent trend to walk away from upside-down home loans. People have
been trained to think only of their own bottom line, so now a huge
number have no qualms about screwing their loan company over for $00k
as someone I know is doing. Sure, they're avoiding a big personal hit,
but somebody has to pay. It's all part of a larger problem - wanting
more than we can afford, but getting it anyway.


Posted by vaughn on June 29, 2010, 3:18 pm

   In that it discourages folks from being energy frugal, I must agree.

   Getting rid of entrenched utilites is not always easy.  I would like ti ditch
my water utility in favor of the well I already have.  It's not allowed!

     Not all off-grid power is clean.  It can be far cheaper to buy a crappy
high-emissions generator to charge your batteries than to install PV.  Also not
all agree that PV is energy efficient in the long term (but let's not get in to
that issue right now please)

     Some of those folks are in for a nasty surprise in coming years.  Depending
on their individual circumstances and on their individual bodies of state law,
some will have third-party bill collectors hounding them for decades to come.
You can walk away from your house, but your debt usually remains!


Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on June 29, 2010, 3:43 pm

On Tue, 29 Jun 2010 11:18:04 -0400, "vaughn"


Yeah, I've heard that a few times. Either not allowed to drill a well,
or stuck with city fees for water even if someone has their own
supply. It's not truly fair, but I can see the logic. These days, if
you let folks opt out of city water in favor of their own well or
hauling, it's only a matter of time before some of them demand special
consideration on account of their well breaking down or whatever.
That's happened quite a bit in our area - small water companies that
couldn't or didn't plan ahead, and then whining their way into a
bailout. Which in turn provides an opportunity for contractors to jack
up their rates as they tend to do whenever the government is paying.

The market tends to correct for that problem. I see people start with
a generator, but they soon find out that generator replacement and
fuel costs are higher than PV costs.


Yup, but they're going to demand the ability to borrow again, and
they'll get it eventually.


Posted by Bruce in alaska on June 29, 2010, 6:18 pm

Do you own the Water Rights to the well? In some States you may own the
Land, but not the water under it.

Bruce in alaska
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