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Posted by heaters.diy on May 31, 2016, 6:30 pm
Ukrainian research laboratory of alternative energy GverLab offers to buy f
or 30 USD documentation package  of 2 UNIQUE ECO HEATERS CONSUME WASTE OIL  
PLUS WATER - photos, videos, drawings, explanations ( a description, the pr
ecise size and instructions how to produce the heaters).
Patented heaters Gver5-Eco (and Gver5-Pyramid) was designed and developed i
n 2015 by Ukrainian research laboratory GverLab. Heaters consumes 60% of wa
ste oil (kerosene, diesel, oil) plus 40% of water (boiled, distillated, rai
n soft water). Generated heat power -  about 5 KW.  
Appliance - garage/home heater, tourism, extremal situation.
Eco Heaters Gver5-Pyramid and Gver5-Eco produce a lot of heat (5 KW heat po
wer) with minimal pollution thanks to a special advanced technology and des
ign features; with minimum fuel consuption – 60% of liquid fuel (wa
ste oil, diesel, oil) plus 40% of water  .
Eco Heaters Gver5-Pyramid and Gver5-Eco are light (3 kg), simple and cheap  
(about 20 USD) for production according to our drawings, photos, videos and
 detailed explanations.
Eco Heaters Gver5-Pyramid and Gver5-Eco are safe (never explodes), simple,  
cheap devices and apply as garage/home heater, for tourism, repairs in wint
er time, other extremal situation.
The warranty period of heaters  - 20 years.  
Heaters designed as absolutely safe, reliable and easy to  manufacture and  
operation of the heater.
Copyright - Heater documents is not freeshare - only for private use.  
Estimated cost of manufacturing the heater (materials plus work) - 20 USD.
Our heaters must make and have everybody - researcher, master, repairer, la
ndlord - do it yourself.
All money from the sale we send to continuing our perspective researching,  
 developments as well as the charitable help Ukrainian children affected by
 the war in Donbas.
The slogan (motto) of our Ukrainian public research laboratory GverLab:  
                        Safe our planet - stop global warming!
Contact by Email only!  More: heaters-diy.tk
 Good luck!  

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