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DNSC ???

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Posted by Oxymel of Squill on October 18, 2006, 3:55 pm

Anyone know more about this research discussed by Ruth Lea in her column in
the Telegraph


relevant bit

Interestingly, the DNSC team leader, one Henrik Svensmark, has been impeded
and persecuted by scientific and government establishments in recent years
because his findings have been politically inconvenient. Politically
inconvenient they are indeed.
Very briefly, the latest DNSC research shows how cosmic rays from exploding
stars can encourage cloud formation in the earth's atmosphere. As the Sun's
magnetic field, which shields the earth from cosmic rays, strengthened
significantly during the 20th century the average influx of cosmic rays, and
hence cloudiness, was reduced over this period. The resulting reduction in
cloudiness, especially low-altitude clouds which have an overall cooling
effect, could, therefore, be a highly significant factor in the last
century's global warming.

I am no climate scientist. But it is clear this research seriously
challenges the current pseudo-consensus that global warming is largely
caused by manmade carbon emissions. All the current carbon hysteria is a
mistake - and a potentially costly one at that.

I have to admit I have some reservations about the Royal Society. They have
sorely misrepresented me in the press at least twice. And they have
frequently been accused of being the Government's mouthpiece on the science
of global warming. After all, 67pc of their funding, some 30m, comes from
Government. They have also, apparently, been accused of denying funding to
any climate scientist who does not share their alarmist views. But, in
publishing this research, they have added to a debate that has major
economic and business implications for this country. They should be

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