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Disable charger on APC UPS?

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Posted by Kaz on October 26, 2007, 5:30 am
I have an APC 2200XL UPS running entirely on external deep cycle
batteries and I figured out numbers to calculate the correct settings to
tell the ups as far as connected external battery packs, so it should be
charging correctly.

What I want to do is attach another 2200 ups to the battery pack but I
dont want it charging the pack, just sourcing from it.  So I am looking
for a way to disable the charger system in one of these things without
affecting the ups function in any way.

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Posted by Louis Geoffroy on October 26, 2007, 4:21 pm

I want to do the same thinks a APC2200XL UPS + external deep cycle
batteries. What did you do, and what size of external batteries.
I now have a old APC 2200XL, but no internal batteries and looking to
buy the external batteries.

For your problem, put a small standard batteries pack in the second
APC 2200XL then bridge the batteries pack of the first APC to the
second with 2 or 3 diode in series of 30AMP/100volts. So, the courant
pass only the second when the local batteries start to be a bit low.

Posted by Kaz on October 28, 2007, 1:22 am
 I had an APC rackmount external box on the unit which is essentially 2
more packs, so that was a 3 pack install, you input 2 into the config
for external packs.  All my batteries died and I did not want to afford
the replacements for the system.  So I gutted the external battery pack
for the nice XL connector it had, which by the way I think is the same
or similar to the individual battery connectors, and I used that cable
on my own battery pack.  I went to Walmart and got four of their largest
deep cycle batteries (115ah i think) chaining cables, spill containers
and I was in business.  I reused the fuses from the original apc battery
packs for my battery system.  Works like a charm.

If I recall, 17ah (48V) is considered 1 pack on the 2200's.  Therefore
you can figure out how many packs you have with your deep cycle battery
amperage, error on the high side, remove one number for the nonexistent
internal batteries, and then input that number into the XL config and it
will modify the charger accordingly.  I think my number was 6
(115/17)=7, -1 = 6.

Louis Geoffroy wrote:

Posted by Kaz on October 30, 2007, 8:47 am
 Louis Geoffroy wrote:

Neither of my APC 2200 ups units will have batteries installed, they
will use an external pack.  I just need one of them to simply be a full
slave or parasite in that it does not charge the pack at all.  The other
unit can do that.  So diodes wont help me here, I need to disable the
charger system on one unit.

Anyone have any thoughts for me?

Posted by James on October 30, 2007, 10:17 pm
 On my Tripp-lite UPS, the battery charger circuitry was easy to spot. There
was a full-wave bridge rectifier, control transistor, fuse and a relay.
These parts were all in a corner of the PCB. Then red & black wires ran over
to the inverter. Post a picture of the PCB. We should be able to ID enough
parts for a quick fix. James

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