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Do you Lubricate Pitcher pump and leathers?

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Posted by vaughn on April 27, 2010, 7:13 pm

I am in the process of installing a brand new pitcher pump in my yard.  This is
not for drinking water.  It will be used to draw washing water and toilet
flushing water from our shallow sprinkler well in case our water utility "drops
the load" following (for example) a hurricane. Secondary use will be to prime
the sprinkler pump..

  Should I grease the leathers?  (Does grease attack leather?)

Will it hurt anything if I coat the inside of the cylinder with grease to try to
delay pitting?


Posted by Phil on April 27, 2010, 1:47 am

I have never used one but from watching old movies they always kept a
pitcher of water nearby to prime the pump. I read in a book about someone
getting yelled at for not refilling the pitcher first.

Posted by Morris Dovey on April 28, 2010, 2:15 am

On 4/26/2010 8:47 PM, Phil wrote:

Hmm - that woulda been me about age 4... :)

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
DeSoto, Iowa USA

Posted by Jim Wilkins on April 27, 2010, 10:06 pm


I should know the answer better, as I worked in a factory that made
leather drive belts and pump cups after school. IIRC the presses did
about the same operation as in the link, but faster. They were
converting to plastics and I never worked with leather on the floor,
though I did analyze samples of it in the lab.


Posted by John B. Slocomb on April 28, 2010, 12:25 am

On Tue, 27 Apr 2010 15:13:48 -0400, "vaughn"


I'm going from memory here but I believe that the sucker washer and
inside of the pump barrel should be greased when installing. Of
course, this all washes off fairly quickly and then the washer dries
out and the pump won't suck any more. I assume you know about "priming
the pump" which essentially gets the sucker washer wet enough to
become flexible so that it will seal.

John B. Slocomb

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