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Posted by Energy-Ingenuity on April 7, 2012, 12:40 pm

You have not looked at the 20 minute video.  You would be asking
questions related to science, not saying you have looked and claiming
that the answers are not there.  After you look at the FREE video, you
will see cause and effect!

Posted by Curbie on April 8, 2012, 9:04 am
On Sat, 7 Apr 2012 05:40:59 -0700 (PDT), Energy-Ingenuity

I've looked at every video that would download and convert, so your
statement is just another lie in long list of lies, what a surprise.


Posted by Energy-Ingenuity on April 14, 2012, 12:35 pm
I have not received any thing from you.  You have not ask me a
question about what you have seen.  Some of the videos are on
YouTube.  What do yo mean convert?  Why don't you stop calling me
names, take a trip to Shepherd,Texas, then you can have hands on,
without building anything!
No matter what you think, they don't just give a Patent to anyone that
files.  If you had one, then you would know that one requirement is
that, it has to work!

Posted by Curbie on April 14, 2012, 11:40 pm
 Understanding Scams like this one.

There are two simple Energy Laws that govern the generation of energy,
they are both laws of physics as we currently understand physics that
can't broken without re-writing laws of physics that have withstood
every challenge (like this scam) to their validity for decades.

If an energy plan is not conforming to these laws there is something
wrong either with the laws of physics (not likely) or the way that
energy plan is being presented.

Energy Laws: (Law of conservation of energy)
1) Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only converted from one form
to another.
2) The conversion of energy from one form to another always consumes
some of the energy from the source and the converted energy is always
less the source.

For example:
Combustion engines (either internal or external) convert heat derived
from fuel, to expand gases, to creating motion, and the energy of
rotating engine shaft is always less than the source energy of the

Wind or water provides the motion for turbines, and the energy of
rotating turbine shaft is always less than the source energy of the
wind or water driving it.

Pretty simple and easy to understand and explain, so why doesn't
Scam-Ingenuity give a simple and easy to understand and explanation?

Magnets can't create energy (energy law 1), they can induce an
electrical current, but ONLY when combined with motion, and it is the
energy of the motion that is converted to electricity but always at
energy output less than the input energy of the motion (energy law 2).

You CAN'T end up with more output energy than input energy or you're
creating energy, SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING which is IMPOSSIBLE without
rewriting every physics book on the face of the planet.

As far his claim the no one "can get a patent, claiming energy from
Magnets, with out physical proof", here's his patent and it describes
a simple alternator or generator and mentions nothing about
Ward-Farce, an error with Lenz's Law or Newton's third law or law of
conservation of energy, OR FREE ENERGY.
http://www.google.com/patents?id=zJTGAAAAEBAJ&printsec=frontcover&dq=7,531,930&hl=en&ei=NHaOTtDcK-OqsQKT1K26AQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&sqi=2&ved  C8Q6AEwAA

Lenz's Law must always obey Newton's third law and The Law of
Conservation of Energy.

Newton's third law

Law of conservation of energy

So, given these FACTS with absolute PROOF to back them, the only proof
Scam-Ingenuity can offer is the answers to 5 simple questions:

1) Every physics book on the face of the planet say you can't create
or destroy energy, just convert it from one from to another, and
always at less than 100%. So, if it can't create energy, and it can't
convert it a greater than 100%, WHERE DOES THE ENERGY COME FROM???
2) Why, no references are made to this magical Ward Farce using any
name or using any description or an error with Lenz's Law or Newton's
third law or law of conservation of energy, OR FREE ENERGY in the
3) Why aren't the energy companies "beating a path to his door" in the
middle of an energy crisis, for this "better mouse-trap"???
4) Why aren't professors and teachers you "claim" to have demonstrated
the invention to, screaming from the highest mountain that you solved
the energy crisis???
5) Why do the laws of physics apply to every thing and every one on
the planet, but your invention and you???

So I will teach others what I have learned, for the good of our
children and the future of mankind. This is a flat-out SCAM, by an all
too well known scammer, who has absolutely NO proof (unlike the links
in this post PROVING his scam), whose only goal is STEAL, ROB, AND
CHEAT people out of their money.

This is a serious ass hole.


Posted by Energy-Ingenuity on April 16, 2012, 12:07 pm

I am not getting energy from nothing!  I am telling and showing that
another part to the Magnet exists that is not a Pole!  Sure it has
taken me a long time to get to this, but I show for FREE how I am
causing these reactions.  Can you tell me the cause for the Poles
swaping on the Sun every 11 years?  Can you demonstrate this
reaction?  How much do you really know?  I show cause and effect and
all you can say is, it is impossible for anything new to be found.

Calling me names will not change the truth!  I am trying to share this
knowledge.  I don't charge anyone who comes to see, ask question on
how to build, want to know how Wardforce is isolated...  The knowledge
is FREE.  How does these law of physics say that another part to a
Magnet cannot exists?  What makes you think that everything that can
be discovered, has been discovered?  Which came first the chicken or
the egg?  How can forward and backward motion be caused and contolled
by changing speed only?  These reactions can be caused without moving
a Permanent Magnet or changing a Pole.  You are the A H, thinking that
you know everything!

For my claims, I show and tell how I came to the conclusions.  For
your claims, you tell how others have not done the same thing we are
doing and you have been taught that it is impossible!  Conduct these
test yourself, then you will know.  If someone as dumb as I am can
build one in a day with less than $00, I am sure as smart as you are,
you can get it done for less.

PS What do you think makes the Planets move?  Is space empty?

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