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Posted by Dominick Penny on March 19, 2010, 2:56 pm

As the cost of electricity continues to rise more and more people are
looking for effective strategies to lower their monthly utility bills.
Taking steps to make your home more energy efficiency can help you
reduce expensive monthly energy bills. If your home is showing it's
age with some common home problems then renovating green may even help
you appreciate your most valuable asset.
Why is Green Remodeling for Energy Efficiency Important?
Green remodeling for energy efficiency is important because it reduces
the amount of energy your home will consume. Generating electricity is
a major source environmental pollution. While it is possible to
generate electricity in many "green" ways, the number one source of US
electricity is coal. In 2006, we generated 4.1 trillion kilowatt hours
of electricity and 49% of the electricity generated came from dirty
coal. The pollutants released from power generating plants are known
to contribute to acid rain, smog and global warming. Thus, the less
energy we use in our homes, the less pollution we create.
What are some of the "Common Home Problems" green remodeling can help
As homes age a number of common problems occur as various systems
within your house breakdown. You may encounter:

Drafty rooms
Excess dust
Ice dams
High energy bills
Moisture on window panes
Mold or mildew
Peeling paint

If you are experiencing any of these common problems then it may just
the right time for some green remodeling. You can handle these common
problems and more with some simple green renovations. Not only will
you have improved energy efficiency, but you will also make your home
more comfortable to live in as well.
Analyzing the Energy Use of your Home
Energy Star offers a free web-based tool, the Energy Star Home Energy
Yardstick, that can provide energy saving recommendations and compare
the energy efficiency of your home against similar homes across the
nation. In order to use this tool you will however need your last
twelve utility bills. Once you have collected your bills you can find
the Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick:


While this tool is obviously not as comprehensive as a home energy
audit completed by a professional, it can still go a long way to get
you started on the road to energy efficiency.
By understanding where you home is today relative to the home energy
yardstick you can start to plan energy efficiency upgrades for your
home. Saving money through energy efficiency isn't just good for your
wallet, its good for the environment too. Help fight global warming by
getting started on your green remodeling today.

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Posted by vaughn on March 19, 2010, 8:18 pm

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