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Posted by Energy-Ingenuity on October 10, 2011, 2:10 am

On my site, I show 3 different techniques (devices) that use Wardforce
for generating forward motion, while the Poles are used for generating
AC (energy).  How does that sound like a scam?  What are these
questions that have to do with cause and effect?  Can you get these
"Scientific papers" from where the "Lenz Law" originated?  Or just
look stupid?  I show, on video, his test and what was used in 1834,
not just papers.  So keep being stupid, stupid or Curbie!

Steve Ward

Posted by Curbie on October 10, 2011, 2:53 am
Your web-site is gibberish and non-sense and your patent is for a
simple alternator or generator and mentions nothing about Ward-Farce,
an error with Lenz's Law or Newton's third law or law of conservation
of energy, OR FREE ENERGY. A fig leaf for this fraud.

All these questions are valid and about "cause and effect", but you
haven't given a simple and easily understood answer to any. Pick 3
three of the following 10 questions and give a simple and easily
understood answer, but you won't because any simple and easily
understood answer will be exhibit "A" at your fraud trial, you are a
scammer and this is a flat-out scam.

Free energy is energy out thin air, and impossible!


1) If someone built your device, how much FREE energy is it capable of
producing per month???
2) Since you produce all your energy for FREE, how many 100's of
dollars per month does the power company PAY YOU, can we see a bill
and verify it your power company???
3) How many billions of dollars have the energy companies offered you
for you valuable patent, and which one???
4) Why aren't all the collage professors and teachers you "claimed" to
have demonstrated this invention to screaming from the tallest
mountain, that you've solved the energy crisis???
5) Why are you advertising your invention in an obscure newsgroup
instead of calling the press and showing them all the money you're
making from the power company with your invention's FREE energy???
6) Every physics book on the face of the planet say you can't create
or destroy energy, just convert it from one from to another, and
always at less than 100%. So, if it can't create energy, and it can't
convert it a greater than 100%, WHERE DOES THE ENERGY COME FROM???
7) Why, no references are made to this magical Ward Farce using any
name or using any description or an error with Lenz's Law or Newton's
third law or law of conservation of energy, OR FREE ENERGY in the
8) Why aren't the energy companies "beating a path to his door" in the
middle of an energy crisis, for this "better mouse-trap"???
9) Why do the laws of physics apply to every thing and every one on
the planet, but your invention and you???
10) Why don't you just sell plans for a 10kw home generator???

Posted by vaughn on October 10, 2011, 12:46 pm

Let's start with one simple question.  You may answer with a "Yes" or a "No".
Do you claim that your device puts out more energy than you put into it?

No paragraphs please, just a simple one-word answer.


Posted by Curbie on October 13, 2011, 12:21 pm

You're NOT going to avoid/evade giving simple and easily understood
answers to these valid questions should you choose to again run your
scam out here again, we'll pick right up we left off, until you
realize that this news group is not the place to run scams.

Find victims to defraud elsewhere, or better yet, stop it, although
criminals rarely stop, but rather are stopped.


Posted by Daniel who wants to know on October 13, 2011, 6:14 pm
Him and his ilk already have, I am surrounded by people who buy overpriced
scam heaters, water ionizers, watch things in the wrong aspect ratio, and I
was asked just the other day "What do you know about perpetual motion
machines? Dennis has something where once you start it, it never stops"  The
sad part is these same people who buy into this BS are the same ones who are
stockpiling rough service incandescent bulbs and will not use CFLs because
of the mercury.

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