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Fake perpetual motion pump might be useful to recirculate compost tea to plants in containers

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Posted by brian white on October 14, 2010, 8:17 am
I made a pump that is powered by the CO2 from a yeast or lactic acid
fermentation. It has no moving parts and a pipe in a U shape and filled
with water acts as a valve.  It has a little siphon in it to reset it
after each pumping cycle.  So it is only as fast as your batch of bread,
beer or saurkraut produces gas and it only pumps a few ft high.
BUT, it might be fairly reliable.  Some people say it is based on heros
fountain.  (Except that it has a power source and the siphon is the
"reset" button).  Anyway, whatever. Please take a look. It might be
useful to gardeners.  Say, you are going away for a week. Just use the
pump to recirculate water from a compost tea container to the plants and
let it drain  back again. It should work. A bonus feature is that the
pump should speed up in the warmest times and slow down at night
(because the bacteria or yeast are temperature sensitive).
I am starting a new batch now with the saurkraut fermentation. (In a big
  5 gallon water container) and I will see how well and how long it works)
But, please do not wait for me. Make your own. If nothing else, people
will have fun trying to figure out how it works.


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