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Faulty Chinese generators....

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Posted by m II on October 28, 2011, 1:30 am
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I've had it with Chinese garbage. The amount of trash they produce each
year staggers the imagination. What's even more amazing is that we
continue to buy it. 'Customer' is quickly becoming synonymous with 'Stupi=

This is the starter solenoid from a 5kw Chinese diesel generator
(Launtop powered):


The machine has two hours TOTAL running time. Note the quality rubber
boot. Also note the soldered connections. Those are the solenoid winding
terminations. You can NOT get at the contacts until you de-solder the
wires. I learned that when I had to clean the non-conducting starter
contacts on another, similar, Launtop machine.

This is the reason why the starter wouldn't crank the engine over:


I'm lucky the broken piece didn't get caught in the flywheel ring gear.

This is from the socket set I used to remove the battery terminal lug
nuts with.


Care to guess where they were made?

This particular model of Launtop generator is sold under dozens of
different names. There has been a recall on them. They have counterfeit
ISO 2001, CE and Canadian Standards Association (like UL) decals on them.=

The breakers are also improperly marked. The Canadian Standards people
are doing NOTHING to help me, despite the fraudulent use of their
Trademarked logo. Launtop is also doing nothing. Red maple seems to be
conveniently out of business.


Don't buy Chinese.


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Posted by John Smith on October 28, 2011, 1:59 am
On 10/27/2011 6:30 PM, m II wrote:

The evil is a bit more hidden that what you see there, on the surface.

Planned obsolescence causes you to purchase new items to replace the
old.  The costs in resources, energy, oil, creation of pollution/toxins,
dumps fill with obnoxious wastes, etc. is slowly poisoning not only all
of us, but the whole planet.

The impetus should be placed on strong, durable, long lasting products,
if possible, possessions which will last a lifetime, or even be handed
down.  The benefits in cost, heath and happiness would be astounding ...

Instead, we are a bunch of "moronic consumers."  Trained to buy products
which wear our quickly, so we will consume more ... etc., the cycle is a
very vicious one.  Not only depriving us of wealth and happiness, but
even our health and life.

To turn this absurdity of "consumerism" around, at this point, looks
like a monumental task bordering on the line of impossible!

Indeed, laws are constructed to aid in the filling of dumps, and for
questionable reasons and refusal to debate other alternatives ...


Posted by Dennis on October 28, 2011, 4:58 am


It was hard rubbish collection time in our suburb this week.

The verges were lined with working TVs - everyone has upgraded to cheap
LCD/Plasma. The other things that stuck out were hooded BBQ's. Almost every
third or fourth house had one out the front. Cheap chinese crap rusting
away, most only a year or two old. At between $00 and $00 each its a
disgusting waste of money & resources.

Posted by Warren on November 2, 2011, 7:27 pm
 Dennis expounded in

When it comes to BBQs, I can understand the need to replace it
from time to time. I never spend big bux on one because I plan
on replacing it every few years anyway.  So I don't need no
honkin' Binford-5000 deluxo-bbq to start with.

Who wants a fixed dirty old and rusting BBQ? Usually you end
up having to spend $0 on a replacement carbourator for it in
the spring (bugs like to get in it over winter). But when you
can get a new one for $0 more (or less)?

My wife once bought a toaster when the cashier asked if she
wanted a protection plan for it. She said something to the
effect "Are you kidding me?!?! Why would I want the crummy old
one fixed? I'd rather get a new [clean] one!"

I'm inclined to keep things more than my wife does. But if it
smacks of needing cleaning or has "somebody else's germs on
it" (used), then I've come to know where that is headed.  $$


Posted by Warren on November 3, 2011, 6:54 pm

All kinds of nasty things happen to a bbq carbourator over a
cdn winter. Believe me, if only it were that simple...

For toasters, I'm with her on this one. Do you think that
protection plan will make your toaster last longer?

Either you have a "optimum wife" or you're single. ;-)


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