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Feedback on batteries.

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Posted by gomango on March 28, 2008, 3:17 pm
I recently found a source for batteries that is pretty wallet
friendly.  There is a warehouse down here that uses Raymond fork
lifts, and the battery banks get thrown out when there is a single bad
cell.  These cells can be purchased individually and replaced, or
eliminated totally by pulling a cell on the other series set.   The
current wiring configuration is a 36 volt setup.  I'm not sure what
the individual cell voltage is.

My question...

These are high amp output batteries that are designed to run motors.
They are also designed to be a high cycle count battery.  Is this type
of battery a good candidate for off grid hydro and solar storage?  I'm
looking at a cost of around $5 each complete battery pack.  Disposal
cost is about $0 for this large of a battery here, and some recycle
centers will take them for core credit if I break the individual cells
out of the packaged case.  Transportation costs to the warehouse are
going to be about $00.  In the end I'm looking at a total replacement
cost of about $75 each plus the cost of replacing the bad cell if I
go that route.

I'm worried about dragging home a battery and designing a charging
system for a battery that wouldn't be worth the effort.  I of coarse
will do nothing until I get more specs on the batteries.

Any advice would be great.

Posted by Bruce in alaska on March 28, 2008, 8:05 pm
In article

I am in the design stage now, of converting my Cabin L16 24 Vdc 800
Amphour Bank to a 1200 Amphour Forlkift system. I suspect the costs
will be similar in that your really just buying the processed Lead,
by weight. I can tell you from the research I have already done, that
$75US for a Bank at 24 Vdc 1000 Amphour, should make ANYONE VERY
Happy.  You would still be dealing with an OLD set of cells, but at
those prices, even if you have to take 2 Banks to build one good
Bank, you would come out smiling....

Bruce in alaska
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Posted by Neon John on March 28, 2008, 8:29 pm

Absolutely excellent batteries for the application.  Especially at that price.

Re: disposal cost.  You should be getting paid for the batteries instead of the
way around, given the current high price of lead.  The going rate here is
between $
and $0 a battery, depending on the buyer.  I recently sold a stash of old
that I'd been dreading hauling off so this is recent first-hand experience.  I
$0 each for mine.

John De Armond
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Posted by Vaughn Simon on March 28, 2008, 8:37 pm

  OK that confuses me.  Usually, old lead acid batteries actually have intrinsic
value because of their lead content.  This is even more true since worldwide
demand has driven up the cost of so many basic commodities such as metals.  As
such, you should never need to pay a "disposal charge" for a lead acid battery,
even though some will try to charge it.

    On my job, I need to dispose of a few batteries occasionally.  In practice,
my local battery shop is delighted to accept all that I bring them for free.  If
I twisted their arm, they would probably pay me a portion of what they sell them
for on the scrap market.  When I pay the UPS folks to change out a string of
batteries for me, they never try to leave the old batteries, but seem delighted
to cart them away.


Posted by Eric Sears on March 28, 2008, 10:17 pm
 On Fri, 28 Mar 2008 08:17:38 -0700 (PDT), gomango

I was given just such a set of batteries (all cut into individual
cells) about 5 months ago. They are now teamed with my solar panels
and mx-60 in a 12v system - and have done a marvellous job over that
time running part of my house (fridge.freezer, lights etc). Even with
two or three days of cloud - with only a little input, the battery
voltage holds up well - rarely dropping much below 12.5 v.
I've got my name in for another set when they become available :)
Eric Sears. (in NZ)

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