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Posted by timquijano on November 1, 2014, 8:21 am
Hi all,  

I'm launching a service to help folks understand how much they can save on their energy bills.  

You can fill out your building's profile here: http://retrocap.co/  and directly http://www.surveymoz.com/s/129499VOGLO .

Otherwise, feel free to get in touch directly if you'd like my advice on how much you can save on your energy bills.

Tim @ retrocap.co

Posted by mike on November 1, 2014, 11:16 am
On 11/1/2014 1:21 AM, timquijano@gmail.com wrote:

There's also an interesting free modeling program you can download.
Called resfen.

http://energyexperts.org/EnergySolutionsDatabase/ResourceDetail.aspx?id 76

Local utility companies can point you toward local organizations that
do free energy audits.
I found the resfen program to give reasonable correlation with the
professional audit.

I've lived here for 40 years and plan to die here.  Payback period
for most "upgrades" had a payback of "never".  If you move frequently
it's even longer.  And that assumes your property tax doesn't go up
because of the upgrade.

Had the place significantly upgraded for free back when the stimulus
money was flowing.  Estimated energy savings were "overstated".
Still a great payback on that free upgrade.  Today, not so much.

FWIW, my upgrade was funded by the government and the contractors
were managed by the organization.  I watched 'em like a hawk and had
to intervene to prevent/correct major problems caused by the contractors.
If I'd been on my own without support of the gov'mnt organization,
I'd have been screwed.

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