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Fisher Wood Stove

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Posted by Gary on June 29, 2003, 5:58 pm
I have a Fisher fireplace insert that I know nothing about. The number
(593 GMR) is scribed on the inside door. The stove is roughly 27" long X
18" wide, lined with white brick. The stove looks like it could heat the
whole house but I know nothing about it.  Google is not much help
either, other than it's an old stove and does not meet EPA standards.
The house was built 35 years ago, so the stove should be older than
that. Any information on this puppy would be greatly appreciated.


Posted by Mike Wilcox on June 30, 2003, 1:48 am
Gary wrote:

Hi Gary,

Fishers were made in Canada in the 1970's, they had a plant just up the road
from me in Marmora, Ontario. They had a good run after the oil crisis with a
line of stoves, such as the baby bear, Poppa bear etc... Just about everyone
I knew had one, I think they went tit's up in the 1980's

Mike Wilcox

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