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Flawed Vacuum Cleaner.video clip

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Posted by Bjay on February 22, 2004, 7:27 am
Re Flawed Vacuum Cleaners.

Since first posting this subject we have produce a small Video Clip to
demonstrate just how efficient the Air Recycling Cleaner, is.

See  http://www.edginton.info/arc

The original posting said,

The Vacuum Cleaners we use have many major flaws.

1/. They release contaminated air back into the home environment.

2/. They blow dust from furniture allowing it to become air born.

3/. They needlessly waste large amounts energy.

 The 22 million cleaners used in the UK waste almost all the power taken
from UK Wind Farms.

4/. They are noisy and smelly.

An alternative to the Vacuum Cleaner exists and has undergone over ten years
of testing.

But because of the reluctance of cleaner manufacturers to change their
designs, I now call for others to help me to impress their Governments on
the importance of this project and to spread the information.
More information about the "Air Recycling Cleaner" can and be found at,


Ben Edginton

An Extract from information on the Home page

"High-efficiency particulate arrest-filter vacuum cleaners increase personal
cat allergen exposure in homes with cats."
North West Lung Centre, Wythenshawe Hospital, Manchester, UK

Posted by Steve Spence on February 22, 2004, 1:38 pm
This is not the alt.dirt.homecleaning group

cut out the commercial advertising or be reported to your ISP.

Steve Spence
Renewable energy and sustainable living
Donate $0 or more to Green Trust, and receive
a copy of Joshua Tickell's "From the Fryer to
the Fuel Tank", the premier documentary of
biodiesel and vegetable oil powered diesels.


Posted by Harry Chickpea on February 22, 2004, 3:16 pm

I second the nomination.

Posted by Bjay on February 24, 2004, 4:41 pm
first let me tell you I am not trying to screw money out of people and I
have nothing to sell. My only objective is to tell people about my ideas and
to try and make the World a better and safer place to live in.
Your criticism surprises me after all you are constantly pushing a book and
asking for a 30 dollar donation and sometimes use my postings in order to
advertise this.
What further surprised me is that you also appear to have had to leave your
last ISP.and were accused of Begging by one Gentleman. below is a copy of
the posting in case it has slipped your memory.
And  I always thought that offering a book of any kind in return for money
is selling, but for convenience  you seem to think it is not
I have also noticed that if I follow your links requests for money are never
far below the surface.
copy of a posting taken from Google.> "Steve Spence"

educational resource isn't considered by normal
folks to be begging. We have offered free educational resources to anyone
who cares to surf, at absolutely no charge for years. Hanson must think


whining. You were begging.


It seems that you think you are entitled to use the news groups for
educational purposed but that I am not.
Now let me remind you of a quote on your postings then maybe you will try to
practice what you preach.

Steve said Quote,
 If we don't believe in freedom of speech for people who we disagree with,
we don't  believe in it at all

It seems to me that you have double standards. and what is it that winds you
up about my project the Air Recycling Cleaner?

How can you possibly say that I am "commercial advertising" You tell me,
what am I selling. I don't give something away with one hand and then take
it back with the other like you do, and then call it educational.

Now I would like to ask you a serious question, how often do you publish
the accounts for the donations etc that you receive and where are they
And seeing that you are talking ISP, I wonder why you left your last ISP ?.
Finally for now, how can you say that my project is not part of Energy and
Hompower  you should start to think little before making stupid statements
like that.


Posted by Energy Mick on February 24, 2004, 9:36 pm
 Bjay the difference with vacuum cleander dirt and treasure, is you are the
vacuum cleander dirt and Steve is the treasure.

For my part Steve can spam here as much as he likes considering the effort
and knowledge he has given for so long to help others.  Bjay what have you
done for others here?

Bjay you have an amazing similarity towards a vacuum cleaner.  The only
difference is the location of the dirt bag.

I worked for 11 years in home appliance engineering and can guarantee your
quoted figures
"The 250 watt closed loop cleaner below can work better than a Vacuum
Cleaner using 2,000 watts."
are complete and total garbage.


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