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GENERATIONFC 2006: Shaping the Southern Hydrogen Economy

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Posted by lkgeo1 on November 27, 2006, 11:02 pm

GENERATIONFC 2006: Shaping the Southern Hydrogen Economy

Publication Date:27-November-2006
04:00 PM US Eastern Timezone
ATLANTA, GA -- Together with representatives from each of the states
that make up the southern U.S., the Center for Transportation and the
Environment (CTE), Southern Fuel Cell Coalition (SFCC), and Federal
Transit Administration (FTA) today announced a regional conference to
be held in Atlanta on December 4th through 6th at the Emory Conference
Center Hotel. The conference, entitled "GenerationFC 2006," will
focus on:
Hydrogen and fuel cell technologies and infrastructure
The resources and opportunities for establishing a hydrogen and fuel
cell industrial base in the southern region
The many ways that this regional momentum can be further developed To
open the conference, CTE will present Congressman John Lewis (District
5-Atlanta) with an award recognizing the Congressman's many and
various contributions to transportation policies and projects. The
conference will also feature a keynote address by the President and CEO
of General Hydrogen Corporation, Mr. Frank Trotter, who will be
speaking about his organization's experience in commercializing fuel
cell technology, with a particular emphasis on the outlook for the
southern region of the U.S. From its very beginnings as "Terminus,"
Atlanta, Georgia has been and continues to be the central
transportation hub of the South. The advanced technology and energy
leaders who gather for GenerationFC 2006 will chart new paths toward
energy efficiency and sustainability for the region. As a result of
their work in developing and commercializing new fuel cell technologies
and hydrogen infrastructure, they will position the southern region to
its best advantage in a new marketplace that is expected to reach $5
billion in value within the next ten years.

Posted by Tony Wesley on November 27, 2006, 11:29 pm

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