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Posted by David Lesher on June 5, 2010, 3:21 pm


Sewage plants do something similar, burning the methane they create.

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Posted by Bruce in alaska on June 3, 2010, 7:59 pm

Having burned WWII Diesel Fuel in Sealed Drums, 40 years after they were
filled, the answer is YES, IF you take care to keep the Water out, and
only buy Clean Fuel. (No Bugs)

Bruce in alaska
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Posted by news on June 3, 2010, 7:16 pm

Short answer -

Brand: Onan

Fuel: propane - probably a 500 or 1000 gallon tank (to have enough
vapor pressure to run the generator) and ideally installed underground
so it's protected from most flying debris

Capacity: enough to start all the freezer compressors at once (worst
case) or you take manual control to ensure that the starting + running
power at any point is within the capability of the generator.
Example: my 5000 watt generator can't simultaneously start the furnace
blower, the refrigerator compressor and the freezer compressor but if
I sequence the startups the gen can handle the simultaneous running

An unopened chest freezer should maintain temperature for hours
without power.  You should unplug one freezer and watch the
temperature for several hours to see how quickly the temperature
changes. You could then plan to power each freezer for an hour or two
on an interval that maintains a safe temperature.  This might allow
you to only run the generator for part of the day, which will extend
the number of days the fuel will last.

I have two gas generators (1800 watts, 5000 watts) and enough fuel to
power the furnace, fridge, and freezer for a few days.  Heating for
longer periods will fall back to the cord of oak in the back yard.
Cooling in the fridge can be extended by the frozen gallons of water
in the freezer - 16 pounds of ice can keep a fridge cold for a while
if the door isn't opened much.  In the 4+ years we've been in this
location, the longest the power has been off is less than 2 hours, so
the only use the generators have seen is a test run every month or so.
I see no point in starting a generator until the power has been out at
least 2 hours and the estimated restoral is more than 2 hours away.
Landline phones work forever, windup LED lantern provdes light forever
(have kerosene lamps & lanterns for backup), solar + windup radio
works forever, UPS powers home network for more than an hour, laptop
battery good for 3 hours, etc.  


Posted by vaughn on June 3, 2010, 7:58 pm

Onan is one of the top brands.  That said, since it was taken over by Cummins
all Onan products do not automatically have the quality and support that made
the Onan name famous.  In short, also consider Kohler and others.

The OP lives in FL, so vapor pressure will not be a huge issue unless the is
trying to pull a lot of fuel out of a small tank.

Ideally yes, but not 100% necessary.  Incidently, this is yet another advantage
of propane.  Last I knew, you could still easily bury a propane tank.  To bury a
diesel tank is a big deal.  Leaked propane just escapes into the air; leak a few
gallons of liquid fuel and you risk having the EPA down on you big time, with
thousands in cleanup expense.  Legal diesel storage tanks are of double wall
construction.  They are expensive and bulky.

This is thread drift but...

It is long past time to ditch all kerosene lighting, especially for hot weather
use.  Flourescent lanterns are so good, so efficient, and so cheap that there is
no longer any need to bring fire, stink, and unwanted heat into your house.  We
use LED lanterns mainly as night lights and bathroom lights (just enough light
to pee by).  They give great battery life, but not enough light for reading.
Keep a few candles if you must, but we haven't even used one of those in 10


Posted by amdx on June 3, 2010, 10:17 pm

 Ok guys, I checked out the Northern Lights generators.
I'd like to have one but I want $0,000 more. The one I'd
want is $5,000, I'm looking at spending $ to $,000.
So I see the Honda 6500 watt for $,400.
 I decided gas will not be a problem, we have warning
about hurricanes, my wife always fills up the vehicles,
So there's 70 or 80 gallons, (4 cars) I have a 70 gallon
stainless steel tank if I decided to put it to this use.
  The Honda is a generator inverter, (more stable). That
was not my concern, even though I have 4 computers, I
could probably make it a few days without computer time.
My teen son, hmm.  :-)
 My question is would the inverter (electronics) vs
a straight (mechanical) scare you away?
 I'm thinking a Honda would be dependable either way.

PS. Online sites are very competitive, I found,

MSRP $999.95

Honda EU6500iSA 6.5kw http://www.wisesales.com/HondaGenNEW.html
$,450 Free shipping.

Free shipping.

$389 assmbled and shipped

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