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Posted by z on June 3, 2010, 11:00 pm

If the honda will do the job watt wise then get it.  I'm a big fan of the
EU series.  The generator will throttle down to meet the load and use a lot
less gas and is generally a lot more quiet than a traditional gen.

It seems a lot smaller than the
"So, (off the top of my head) I'm looking at 12000 to 18000 watt."

you said earlier.  

But yeah.. if the honda will handle the load you'll be happy with it.

Posted by amdx on June 4, 2010, 12:07 am

  I liked Ecnerwal's suggestion of splitting time between freezers
on and air conditioner on. Especially since my business is Shrimp sales
and the oil is getting close. Don't know if I'll be in business next year,
but if I am, I think it will be mostly frozen shrimp, not fresh from the
Anyway dollars are more important now than 3 months ago.


Posted by z on June 4, 2010, 12:17 am

That sucks about the oil Mike.  Crazy thing is our shrimpers are making
bank at the moment -- prices are waay up :(

I work in commercial fishing and between the earth quake down south
destroying fish farms, the volcano messing with fish farming in the north
sea and now the oil slick, Oregon and PNW is one of the few places still
bringing in the fish.  They opened the salmon season and we're getting
over 8 bucks a pound off the freaking boat.  Too bad they are so deep
we're not catching that many.  Still doing dungeness and looking forward
to the tuna season.

Anyway, hope it works out for you man

-zachary in Oregon.

Posted by amdx on June 4, 2010, 2:03 am

 Prices here (Panama City Fl.) are up slightly but, the big companies from
Miss., AL., amd West of us are here looking for shrimp, so they will be
   Our local tuna boats have stopped, their fishing area is closed.
We are still getting fresh shrimp everyday, but the shrimp will stop showing
and we will rely on frozen shrimp. The big freezer boats still have areas to
just not locally.
  BP is paying out money to fishermen and deckhands who are having loses.
First checks are $000 for captain and $,500 for deckhands. I don't
know about next month. I see a lot of fraud, people who should not get
are. The losers now are hotels, restaurants, waitresses, etc. We have white
sand beaches and lots of tourists. The news kept showing oil and many, many
tourists cancelled their reservations, but we had no oil.
 The shrimpers are still catching many shrimp, no problem. They see easy
money and got it. I don't know if BP will catch up to them!
 I don't know yet if or how much I'm down, I'll know in January when I do
my taxes. I know my gross from month to month, but expenses are up and
down so it's hard to tell if one month is up or down.
  It's not all bad we are open 10 hrs, 7 days, 363 days a years for the last
seven yrs. If we close, we could use a break. My wife is a bundle of
energy, if not for her I'd work 8 hrs, 5 days and have weekends off.



Posted by Malcom \"Mal\" Reynolds on June 4, 2010, 6:44 pm

in 200 ft



Actually the cause hasn't been determined, but all of the initial reports are
pointing to negligence and of course greed (by this, I mean the intentional and
possibly systemic failure to follow the proper protocols)

The ixtoc oil spill (1979) was in 160 feet of water and took ten months to cap.
Of course it was only about 3000000 barrels of oil

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