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Google quits plans to make cheap renewable energy

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Posted by vaughn on November 29, 2011, 7:02 pm

They really don't have a clue. ( Disclosure: a very minor part of my very minor
"fortune" is in Google stock)

On one hand:  As the Internet cloud gains in importance, and as Google
increasingly owns the cloud, Google stands to make Microsoft and Windows as
obsolete as DOS.   Increasingly, you won't need any software in your computer
beyond the latest browser.

On the other hand:  Google is an amazingly unfocused company that is
increasingly straitjacketing itself in its own bureaucracy and divorcing itself
from the concerns of its customers.  Companies that behave like that don't stay
on top for long.  It increasingly appears that Google is destined to have a
short heyday.   It will lose its chance to shape the future of the Internet and
instead join AOL and others as part of it's past.


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