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Posted by Jim Wilkins on February 13, 2009, 2:27 pm

The reading would still suffer from low-level gain and offset
measurement errors in the KAW. I could use the current probe on a
scope, assuming my ancient surplus test equipment still has
reasionable accuracy. But really, I don't care. One simple posting
from this ~100W PC consumes more electricity than a nightlight uses in
a year. The whole point was that automatic lighting removes some of
the tendency to turn lights on and then leave them.

Jim Wilkins

Posted by m II on February 12, 2009, 1:00 am
vaughn wrote:

I have my browser set to block background applications containing the
words (with wild cards):



In three days Adblock plus has stopped OVER 840 instances of Google
tracking my web browsing.

I've stopped using their search engine completely. I knew they were
getting ugly when they turned over all their customer files to the
Chinese communist government.

This is all very distressing, as Google's motto is :


"Do no evil."

I hope they rot in hell.

Try http://ixquick.com/  for a search engine. They don't spy on you.


Posted by vaughn on February 12, 2009, 1:50 am

   How do you do that?  (I am guessing your browser isn't Chrome?)


Posted by m II on February 12, 2009, 4:11 am
 vaughn wrote:

Good guess. I've been using Firefox, with no surprises so far. While
Adblock plus is used mainly for stopping ads, it will stop scripts and
things too.

https://versioncheck.addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/reviews/display/1865?show 0&page=3

OR, if you are cursed with Microsoft's 'let's wrap a URL' feature:




Posted by Neon John on February 12, 2009, 3:22 pm

And you're afraid of what?  Someone finding out that you like photos
of little boys and girls?

If you're going to dis 'em, at least dis 'em correctly.  a) They did
not turn over "all their customer files" (sic) to the Chinese
government.  They did obey lawful (in that country) orders to turn
over some records.  They also obey the lawful (in that country) order
to block some search results.  I don't like it on civil liberties
grounds but then I don't like a lot of much worse stuff that the US
government does.

FWIW, Google was the only one of the major search engines that refused
to go along with NSA's massive and illegal domestic spying program.

Really?  Tell me what evil they're doing.  I honestly don't know of
any.  I too have a vague feeling of unease at their secrecy and I'm
uncomfortable that such a large amount of the net is operated by one
company but as for evil, the worst that I can think of is that they
hold AdSense payments for several months - essentially a free loan.
Well that and they supported Hussein and his obots for president.

As long as you're bitching about your habits being tracked and the
data being sold (which to the best of my knowledge, Google doesn't
do), why aren't you raising hell about the various affinity programs
that abound?  What?  You don't know what an affinity program is?  I
thought you were an expert on doing evil.

An affinity program is something that many stores like major
supermarkets use to track your habits and sell the data to those who
DO do evil.  The most visible part of the program is that little
bar-coded keyring dongle that you present at checkout for a
"discount".  When you present that dongle, you just sold your buying
details for the price of a few pennies of discount off the prices that
were inflated to fund the program.

The POS system (cash register) associates everything you bought, when
you bought it, what store you visited, what checkout lane you used and
more details with your name and other personal information that you
gave them when you signed up.  That transactional data is shipped off
to data mining outfits like SSI in Atlanta that package it up and sell
it to truly evil outfits like insurance companies.  When the time is
politically right, they will use that data in underwriting your
insurance.  "I see Mr Cat that you buy too much red meat for our
underwriting standards and so your life insurance is canceled."

How do I know this stuff?  First hand, actually.  My company designed
the first affinity program, called Gift-Link, for Kroger and GTE back
in the early 90s.  As the owner of the company, I sat in on many
strategy and marketing meetings where ways to maximize the value of
this personal information detail.  Insurance companies were their
first and probably largest customers.  As only the software house, we
didn't understand the evil intent behind the program until our work
was finished.

Why don't you bitch about that, Mr Cat?  Oh wait, I know.  You're too
fat and lazy to actually research anything.  You base your actions and
the running of your mouth on rumor and innuendo.

Here's what Google AdSense does GOOD.  The little ads on my website
and blog earn me enough money that though I'm disabled, I can live
(frugally) on that income so that I don't have to draw any government
money.  Is that good or evil in your warped world, Mr Cat?

Ad block hasn't gotten to be enough of a problem yet to seriously
impact revenue.  That's because, despite the hoopla, Firefox is still
a very minor browser.  By my logs, IE still represents over 80% of the
browsers that visit my site.  If it ever does become a problem then
I'll block people who use it.

If you weren't so ignorant, you'd recognize AdSense as a very useful
tool.  I've found some of the most interesting content and nifty
products by following AdSense links.  It beats the hell out of
StumbleAbout.  Speaking of which, where is your outrage for them? They
track your activities even closer than Google does.

And you know that how?



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