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Posted by Richard W. on June 6, 2009, 5:55 pm

It said that on the evening news when he was in office. I didn't have a
computer back then. On a Google search I pull up this. It's not his complete
word for word statement, only about half of it. I put this phrase in the
search engine. "bill Clinton I know I raised your taxes to much".

When I click the link it goes no where.

a.. A Republican Tax Cut Bill vs. "Democrat Tax" Bill
budget because you think I raised your taxes too much. Well, it might
surprise you to know I think I raised them too much, too." *. Senate
Republicans want to finish the job. ... In 1995, Bill Clinton admits he
raised taxes "too much." ...
rpc.senate.gov/_files/72699TaxCutHike.pdf - Similar pages

He said it right after he said "I think I raised them too much, to". The
next thing he said, "but if you spend your money wrong it will hurt the
economy, but if you give it to us we will spend it right and help the

I watched him and heard him say in on NBC news.

Richard W.

Posted by user on June 6, 2009, 4:43 pm
Jim Wilkins wrote:

No, Liberalism is knowing no man is an island and that functioning
communities require more than big guns and Neanderthal thinking .

Posted by Lord Gow333, Dirk Benedict's n on June 7, 2009, 2:35 am

Quiet or I'll smack you with my twelve guage.

The most charismatic and entertaining of the right-wing kooks that lurk
around here. - ViNNY

Posted by user on June 7, 2009, 12:55 pm
 Lord Gow333, Dirk Benedict's newest fan! wrote:

I rest my case. A gun won't do you much good on your own, they'd simply
burn your house down with you in it.

Posted by Day Brown on June 7, 2009, 5:29 pm
 user@domain.invalid wrote:

No. Wait til he falls asleep. Then take his gun and his house, then
decide what you want to do with him. History is full of examples of
whole cities that fell because the watch fell asleep. Somehow, the
bunker boys cant remember... well, maybe they never read history in the
first place.

After every systemic collapse, some obscure remote villages always
survive by being out of the way poor targets. Today, they'd also have
some guns, some who can shoot, some who can figure out how to setup the
surveillance on a perimeter, and some nightowls to keep an eye on it all
while you sleep.

They'd also have a collection of vehicles with internal combustion
engines. Now, here in the Southern Ozarks, the Fayetteville shale gas
field has been developed, so they'd have something like propane to run
engines on. But lotsa rural areas have timber, garbage, coal, or some
other cumbustable to develop if the price of gas gets too high.

And of course, there'll be some guys with fire arms you mite want around
to ride as tail gunner.

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