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Heat from an automobile engine cooling system.

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Posted by Johnny on April 22, 2006, 7:57 pm

Yesterday I plumbed my Cadillac engine water outlet hose to my jacuzzi tub
and a suction line from the tub to the upper radiator hose fitting (inlet).
The thermostat actuated somewhere in the 190Fs-200Fs, but the pump would not
pull the water into the cooling system.
Elevation difference was insufficient to provide the water pump with enough
suction head.
The water from the automobile engine cooling system is so hot I am sure it
could be used for many heating purposes; and the time it takes is not very
much to attain these water high temps.
I assumed the cost in gasoline would be bearable compared to the electricity
cost I would incur just to heat water to these temps. After sticking a
garden hose into the inlet line to feed the engine cooling system it dropped
the temp to 174F which caused the thermostat to close.
I could tap off the outlet side of my jacuzzi pump to provide this feed
supply to the engine cooling system and remove the thermostat in the auto
cooling system to keep the water flowing to the tub.
A side benefit to this is it maintains the charge of the battery in my
'parked' automobile. Another $0 or so saved.

Posted by Arnold Walker on April 22, 2006, 8:29 pm

Interestly....you have got into some of the high prices commanded on
steam plants.
Look at the label on the pump and it will tell you that the electric pump on
your jacuzzi
is built for a lower temperature than either auto cooling water or feedwater
in a steam system(both are within 50F of each other).
Now if you can figure, how many horses you are using turning over that
Cadillac engine.
And will find that it is about 50,000-100,000btu heating your water.
Some folks heat thier house off the water from the electric generator......
Some like BMW are even trying to run the car off that "hot water".....10%
improvement is not the 30-40% you get at combined cycle light plant.
But hell they are auto makers,what would you expect for an engineer ,there..

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Posted by Mike Swift on April 22, 2006, 8:42 pm

Thats an expensive way to heat a spa unless you have a need to run the
Cadillac while not moving it.  To keep the battery charged with an
automatic charger is about $.30 a year.  Gas at $.00+ a gallon would
be five to ten a year.  With the lost heat from the exhaust you would
only get about 30% efficiency.

Mike Swift

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Posted by John Smith on April 22, 2006, 9:35 pm

What if he plummed the exhaust into the hot tub how efficient would that be? Thus
giving him bubles at the same time. WHAT a savings that would be EH!
I wonder if Red Green from CBC knows about that trick

Mike Swift wrote:

Posted by nicksanspam on April 23, 2006, 12:16 am


... you use the electrical output as well as the heat.


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