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Help with voltage regulation

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Posted by Rick Stewart on February 22, 2004, 8:18 pm
I have a small dc motor that puts out 90 volts at 6000 rpm.I have
hooked it up to # of things(hand crank,Pedal,etc}.  I have just tried
it with a gas 3.5 hp lawnmower engine. It actually put out a lot of
voltage ,enough to run a 110volt ac drill.My problem is I would like
to use this setup but am afraid of dealing with this high a voltage
Dc. I basically want a generator to charge a battery bank at my
cottage.How do I regulate this voltage down to the 13-18 volt range
that I can use for charging 12 volt batteries?  Will a voltage
regulator off of an automobile work? alternators are ac do regulators
work the same for ac and dc current?

Posted by Jack Hayes on February 23, 2004, 3:09 pm
It may be easier to connect your engine to an automotive alternator that has
a built in regulator and do it that way.


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