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Posted by Dominick Penny on August 6, 2009, 8:19 am
How many of you belong to an electric coop? If so, do you receive a
monthly magazine from them with little tidbits of information on how
to save energy in you home? Well, I do and most of the time I don't
actually read the magazine. But, today I did and let me share with you
some of the tidbits of information it told me.  Below you will
find tidbits of information on how to save money on your home
1. Replace any light bulb that burns more than one hour per day with
its equivalent compact fluorescent bulb. These fluorescent bulbs are
the latest thing. According to the information I've read on them they
burn more efficient, use less energy and last longer. Our electric
coop actually sent every customer a free bulb to try out. I've changed
all the bulbs in the house over to these. They cost a bit more, but
they are supposed to last so much longer. Time will tell.
2. Turn off unnecessary lighting. This is the hardest thing to get
people in my house to do. I was taught when you leave a room turn off
the lights if you don't plan on coming back in. I can tell you that
everyone should get into the habit of doing this. Our neighbor leaves
lights on all the time. Her electric bills runs $0 to $00 more a
month than ours and she lives in a much smaller place. Schools and
public office buildings could save the tax payers a lot of money if
they shut things off when they left for the weekend. It's amazing how
many places still leave things on over the weekends when NO ONE is
3. Replace outdoor lighting with its outdoor-rated equivalent compact
fluorescent bulb. Again, using bulb that have a longer live span.
4. Use fixtures with electronic ballasts and T-8 32-Watt fluorescent
lamps. I'm not sure what this is, but I'm going to find out if our
fixtures have electronic ballasts.
5. Use outdoor security lights with a photocell and/or a motion
sensor. This is another thing that our neighbor has. She has a big
security light right outside her place and it comes on as soon as it
gets dark. It's so bright, that when you walk around that side of our
house you don't need any other type of lighting. I think that a motion
sensor would be a better idea for her. I'm sure that this helps to
drive up her electric bill.
I'm sure that there are a lot of people who never consider how much
energy they waste because of leaving lights on. Try to be more
responsible when it comes to the lights in your home, or work place.
Turn them off if you leave the room and don't plan on coming back. If
you check your light bill after doing this for a month you might be
surprised at how much money you saved. We had a house for sale that we
left a light burning 24/7 for security (no one lived there). It cost
us $0 a month just for that one light. Multiply that times however
many lights you leave burning on a regular basis for no reason. You
could save a lot of money.

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Posted by Bob F on August 6, 2009, 6:52 pm
Spammer begone!

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