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Home brew hydro down: elk take revenge

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Posted by z on May 5, 2009, 3:13 am
Ok this is just a venting:

Its a classic pineapple express hitting the coast.  Big big rain and
wind.  I'm running full bore with the big nozzles while everyone is
bitching about the rain (the kind of storm that would make the news if it
hit anywhere but here) but me I"m loving it.

I get home from town and go inside and see my voltage is way down.  I'd
left my dish dvr recording and a light or two on in the house which
doesn't draw at all when she's ripping -- normally see increasing charge
to batteries with those few items on.


I go out and see zero action on the hydro. She's dead nothing flowing.  
FUCK! Kick on the generator and think about what to do.. really don't
want to go up the hill in this weather but its PRIMO hydro time ..  Get a
few beers and my rain gear -- its serious rain, like monsoon with 30+ MPH
winds and gusts to probably 50 and higher on the hills.  

I follow the pipe up and its all fine, get to the pond and open the
siphon so I can prime the line (which takes a while).  See some fish are
trying to excape down the outlet so I make sure to block that.  When it
rains like this the pond overflows pretty good and I don't want them
getting out.

yum te dum watch the pipe and intake - drink a PBR tall boy and stand
around in the rain for a while.  Lovely.  Actually its not all that bad I
love these kinds of storms -- its warm out and you can hear the trees
cracking ...

So the pipe ain't filling up .. Then I notice some big tracks (keep in
mind its getting near dark).  Elk tracks around the pond and I see where
one stomped on part of an exposed 4 inch sewer pipe.  I dig it out some
and sure enough .. it split all the way down on the under side.

Damn it.  That sewer pipe was free but clearly its not robust enough
going to have to swap it out .. probably get another section of 2 inch
for that.

I guess they got some revenge for those elk i've eaten over the years,
but shit.  Why today? Why Now?  With unlimited water I was going to do
some testing on different nozzle sizes etc.

well anyway back on the gen till I get some new pipe.  Its amusing how my
issues are normally plumbing or pipe related and the actual turbine part
runs its little ass off.




Posted by Winston on May 5, 2009, 6:14 am
z wrote:

That's really why we do stuff like this (to learn new things) eh Zach?

Two Attaboys.



Don't *faff*, dear.

Posted by Curbie on May 5, 2009, 1:32 pm

I think some guy named Murphy could answer that, I wonder if after you
get your system to where you want it to be, the pipe could buried for

It seems that the path to worthwhile places are always the most
difficult to travel.


Posted by z on May 6, 2009, 4:24 am

yeah I burried a lot of it, but the turn down hill had some exposed..
thus the elk stepped on that part.. so it goes

its always worth it, regardless



Posted by z on May 6, 2009, 4:22 am

yeah but why the hell is plumbing harder than building a turbine?  WTF?
heh .. no its a matter of probabilities.  Given a random distribution of
error its more likely that i'd hit issues with pipe than with turbine,
given that there is so much more pipe than turbine.

might not be true but thats the theory i'm going with :)

cheers & thanks

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