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Honda XR250R Electric Motorcycle Conversion

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Posted by rpautrey2 on October 24, 2008, 2:43 am
Honda XR250R Electric Motorcycle Conversion

Vehicle 2000 Honda XR250R
Rugged steel frame, great suspension and brakes.

Motor Lynch LEMCO 200D Permanent Magnet DC
2nd hand LEM-200d (double magnets) brushed motor from Asmokarts, rated
at 11kW continuous, 18kW peak output power @ 60 volts.
Drivetrain Motor mounted on the swingarm drives the rear wheel. Chain
and sprockets, direct drive 11:75
Controller Kelly KD72601 72v 600A + regen
Oversized 600A controller to ensure performance without overheating.
Batteries 5 Exide 33Ah, 12.00 Volt, Lead-Acid, AGM
Just for testing the concept, I will swap this heavy and toxic battery
pack with modern Lithium cells.
System Voltage 60 Volts
Charger 60VDC 4.5A
Heater ride hard and you get warm.
DC/DC Converter 60-84VDC in 12VDC 300W out
Instrumentation Garmin GPS, digital speedometer.
Top Speed 50 MPH (80 KPH)
Depends on gearing, it's adjustable 50-130km/h
Acceleration Not measured. Feels stronger than the original internal
combustion bike!!
Range 20 Miles (32 Kilometers)
Depends on many variables. 30-40km with lead-acid batteries.
Seating Capacity 2 adults
Curb Weight 290 Pounds (131 Kilograms)
Feels like a XR400R. Weight distribution is nearly perfect.
Tires Bridgestone Motocross Competition
Conversion Time More than I expected.
Conversion Cost 2.000 Total (probably more)

360 2nd hand motor
400 electronic motor controller
390 lead-acid batteries
300 electrical stuff
300 mechanical stuff
250 misc

I sold the old gas-burner for 500
I will invest 1000-2000 on lithium batteries in order to improve
range, performance and safety :D
Additional Features 35W HID Xenon headlight and LED tail light
(efficient and powerful)

I feel like a criminal riding my silent, zero emission vehicle, people
are going crazy...

Stupid spanish bureaucracy makes nearly impossible to legalize the
conversion, I ride it at my own risk...

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