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Posted by No One on October 2, 2003, 2:42 am

We camped with tents and coleman lanterns for many a years when I was a kid
and never had a problem.  Of course dad made sure we all knew the dangers.

Posted by Peterthinking on October 2, 2003, 5:50 am
The real problem with propane heaters and lanterns or whatever is setting it
up nice and safe so it won't tip and going to sleep ....then never waking up
cause you were breathing carbon monoxide all night.

same goes with generators...don't run them in the basement or house or even
an attached garage.

a bunch of ice fishing fools took a dirt nap when they went to sleep in
their propane heated ice shack.

pretty hard to tell the difference between stupidity and ignorance but
really easy to tell who's dead and who's alive.

for long term storage of an abode pour some baby or mineral oil down the
drains to keep the traps and toilets from drying out....sewer gas and shag
carpet tend to form close relationships...UGH!!



Posted by daestrom on October 2, 2003, 9:04 pm

Amen to that!!!  Every couple of years, we have a major ice-storm and
wide-area blackouts for a night or so.  And invariably, I read in the paper
the next day or so, of how *someone* used charcoal to heat their kitchen, or
a keresene heater poisoned a family in their sleep, or a propane heater
meant for another type of usage set fire to someone's living room.

People, if you don't use a heater regularly, or are not familiar with the
safety precautions, a blackout is *not* the time to start.  If you really
want to have one available, get it beforehand, *read* the instructions and
*follow* the safety warnings.


Posted by daestrom on October 2, 2003, 8:59 pm


Yeah, as a kid we went camping often too.  But I wonder if the safety hazard
is worse now that tents are often made of synthetics.  Good old canvas takes
a bit to light, but nylon melts pretty easy.


Posted by Vaughn on October 4, 2003, 12:54 am

     Same here, my family used one all through my childhood and never a
problem.  Perhaps that was why I was so surprised when burning fuel suddenly
started gushing out of mine.  Is that a danger your father made youe aware
of?  My father somehow neglected to warn me about that one.

     I mentioned that I thought "stupidity" had something to do with my
situation, so I will tell you the "rest of the story".  Myself and a bunch
of fellow sailers took a long weekend for some hunting in upstate New York.
Being a "Florida Boy", I voluntered to stay and keep the tent warm while the
rest of the group did a twilight hunt.  I had just filled up the lantern
inside the tent (dumb), and neatly stowed the gallon fuel can on top of our
ammo supply (dumber). The thing had been pumped up and lit less than a
minute when the pressure caused something to let go.  Got second degree
burns on one hand from (I think) trying to beat out the rapidly spreading
fire and was wounded in the other had by shrapnel from cooked-off ammunition
that was helped along by the stored fuel.  Altogether, not a one of my great

     That was only one of two fires I had involving Coleman lanterns that
year!  I am older and (I hope) smarter now, but I also use battery lanterns.


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