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Posted by Stormin Mormon on October 4, 2003, 2:08 pm
No surprise there. They even give the AH rating on the outside of the box,
if you read the fine print. Mine is 17 AH, and it has jumped a couple cars


Christopher A. Young
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I had some friends that worked at G.I. Joes,where they sold those in
the Auto section.My friend told me that one he opened up was nothing
more than a ~10AH Gel-cell,and some "impressive looking" wire and
clamps,along with a jack and LED for recharging.

Posted by Stormin Mormon on October 4, 2003, 2:03 pm
Yep, one of those twenty pounders with the handle on it.

Sorry, but that tripped an old memory. Quarter pounder with cheese on it?

I think the cell was 17 AH, it said it was good for 300 watts for 45 minutes
or something. Pretty low capacity. But with the big alligator clamps, I
could set it next to a battery, and clamp it on for longer run time.

I bought it originally in case I left my own lights on. Havn't, but I did
jump one or two other peoples cars, lights left on. Did good for that. If
you get the Winchester, though, I find that the work light bumps and turns
on easy. (pull the bulb). And the inverter gets bumped on easily (pull the
fuse). Either will kill the battery in a hurry. And if it's winter, the gel
cell freezes. And it's dead weight when you need it the most.


Christopher A. Young
Learn more about Jesus

     Yes, but not necessarily for very long.  I assume you mean one of those
15-20 pound battery packs with the jumper cables attached and a handle on
top.  Those things are mostly good for starting cars, I would guess they are
good for about 20 amp-hours, or about 250 watt-hours max.


Posted by John Haines on October 4, 2003, 7:02 am
 For my 26" TV,VCR,SAT box I use a APC 650 Backups I got on ebay. I run
it from a 105 AH trolling batt. It is wired direct to the big batt. I would'nt
recomend using both external and internal batteries together. I set the
float charge to 13.4 and I charge it from a 10 amp charger when it has been


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