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How come corn stoves can be vented like a clothes dryer?

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Posted by me63401 on February 6, 2004, 8:23 pm
I know little abt corn and pellet stoves.... but was reading up on
them on the Net.... and it was said that one advantage to them over
wood stoves was that they can be vented like a clothes dryer.

What exactly do they mean?  And what make sit possible that they CAN
be vented this way?

Posted by martywittrock on February 10, 2004, 7:03 pm
Well.....they're NOT really vented like a clothes dryer.  Some corn
stove manufacturers (Snowflame and St. Croix) have depictions in their
manuals that their corn stoves can be vented like a clothes dryer, but
in practice the exhaust from a corn stove is vented through type 'PL'
pipe that is double-walled and can be attached (at the outside of the
house) with a vent cap that is 'looks like' a clothes dryer run and
vent cap.

The entire run of pipe (from a corn stove to the outside) ABSOLUTELY
MUST be type 'PL' and the use of a 'Wall Thimble' to insulate the type
'PL' pipe as it goes through the wall of the home and to the outside.
Once outside, you can cap the pipe with a vent that looks like a
clothes dryer, but I found that winds on that side of the house can
back-draft into the stove and create smoke and/or blow the flame out.

I use a stack that vents vertically and has a 90 degree 'clean-out' so
you can remove the fly-ash from the exhaust.  Unless you have
dirt/grass (no shrubs) in a 25' area where the exhaust pipe will be -
- and no wind problem - - you'll want to vent your stove with a
vertical run of no less than 3'.

But to answer your original question - NO!!  You cannot use typcial
dryer vent piping on a corn stove.  The heat of the exhaust is just
too high and will either heat the cheap tin run of pipe or heat the
line until it will combust anything that comes in contact with it.  It
MUST be type 'PL' double-walled pipe and using a 'Wall Thimble' for
through-wall installations.

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