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How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

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Posted by Brendan David on December 23, 2009, 1:50 am

"Learn step by step, how you can break down the costs of your energy
supply from this day on!"
In general there are two ways on how to improve the energy efficiency
of your home. You can either make changes to your home or change your
behavior or at its best - do both!
Roof, Wall and Windows: Did you know, that an uninsulated home loses
around 80% of it's heat through the roof? A simple improvement of your
loft insulation, let's say between one and one and a third inch could
cut down that number by around 26%! The same goes for wall insulation.
Many cavity walls these days are barely insulated. Simply upgrading
them with some glass woom or styrofoam could increase your home's
energy efficiency drastically! If you can afford them, or at it's
best, already have double glazed windows, that's awesome! Otherwise,
simply bring on a secondary glazing film on each window. This is
inexpensive and can play a huge role in keeping the heat inside!
Water Supply & Lights: One of the biggest energy guzzlers is
probably your boiler. If you simply bring on a second hot water tank
jacket, it can cut your heat loss by around 75%! But if your boiler is
rather old and you can tell, that it will not do it much longer, there
are really good energy efficient appliances available these times
which can cut your energy bills by a third! I would suggest you to
check the energy efficiency of each new appliance that you buy from
now on from washing machine to a new freezer. Also, make sure, that
your hot water does not exceed 140F and lag hot and cold water pipes,
so they keep the temperature of the boiler. The one thing, anyone can
do right now is use energy saving lightbulbs. This might take some
time to become familiar with, but they last ten times longer than
ordinary ones and save an enormous amount of energy. Be sure to keep
drafts shut like windows, doorways, letterboxes and your chimney, when
your fireplace is not in use (keep the damper closed!!!). Regulating
your thermostate down a bit or upgrading it with a timer can also be a
solution, so your home is only heated when it's neccessary. Remember:
Each degree you cut off equals 1% on your heating bill. Learning how
to improve the energy efficiency of your home includes also that you
do not heat all the time. set your timer lower when you're asleep or
at work and up to 61F when you're back home. Finally the best way to
save some energy is to build your own solar panels. You don't believe
you can do this? Well let me tell you: Everyone can!

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Posted by x on December 26, 2009, 2:25 am

Hey spammer, why don't you post us a Christmas picture of YOUR
homemade PV panels?


Posted by Josepi on December 26, 2009, 8:35 pm

Man. You need to change your sig and your nym or neither...LOL

Hope your Christmas was good!

Hey spammer, why don't you post us a Christmas picture of YOUR
homemade PV panels?


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