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How to reduce your electricity bill

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Posted by John on February 10, 2009, 11:13 pm
How to reduce your electricity bill

If you have been bogged by the enormous electricity bills you have
been getting, it is time to take some concrete steps. You can reduce
your electricity bills by following very simple steps.

This article will list some simple, easy-to-do things to reduce your
electricity bill.

Limited use: Start with the room you are sitting in. If you were to
take a call in another room or join your family at the dining table,
would you just step out of your room without any concern for the
electrical appliances in the room? If you would, stop right there, and
look around. Switch off all the appliances even if you would be back
in five minutes. Yes, even that will help. Every drop of water
constitutes to the ocean.

Another thing to take care of here is what you perceive as an
electronic appliance. Would you switch off the television set, turn
off the fan, but not the light bulb? Yes, you need light, but not now
when you are leaving the room. Taking care of these small things will
go a long way in reducing the dreaded huge electricity bills.

Smart investments: Make some smart power investments by replacing your
incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs. These
bulbs are a great power-saving investment.

Buy the Power Save gadget. The gadget helps monitor the power supply
to your house and uses the minimum that is needed.

Home appliance usage: Most of us complain that the electricity bill
touches the sky because of the number of electrical appliances they
have at home. However, the electricity bill is not directly
proportional to the number of gadgets you use but the way you use
them. Lets see how you can avoid the typical power-wasters.

 Use the washing machine only when there is a full load of clothes.
 Keep the geyser on for the minimal amount of time.
 Keep the air-conditioner at the minimum low or high temperature,
just enough to keep you off the heat or the cold outside.
 Switch off the computer monitor even when you take a one-minute
break. It takes just a second to switch on the monitor again!

Yeah, you have to stick to this way of life for saving power at home
and for the world.

Remember, reducing your electricity bill is equivalent to saving
power, thus helping the world save power for its future generations.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your power
bill. Get our complete guide at www.earth4energy.1sta.com

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