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Hydrogen Briefing to Take Place In U.S. Senate this week

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Posted by lkgeo1 on June 23, 2007, 10:13 pm

Hydrogen Briefing to Take Place In U.S. Senate this week

Publication Date:19-June-2007
09:30 AM US Eastern Timezone
HYDROGEN and POLICY: Challenges and Opportunities A briefing sponsored
by the Senate Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Caucus, in cooperation with the
National Hydrogen Association and the American Chemical Society's
Science and the Congress Project

Thursday, June 21, 2007, 1:30-3:30pm
Mansfield Room, S-207, U.S. Capitol

Strong and far-reaching hydrogen and fuel cell provisions were
included in the Energy Policy Act of 2005, which span everything from
basic science to early market transition. In concert with substantial
federal and state programs over the years, many large and small
companies, universities, research institutions and national
laboratories have worked to solve critical research and development
challenges. There is a large, vibrant and growing hydrogen community
in the U.S. and worldwide.

This briefing will explore the purposes of the EPAct 05 hydrogen
provisions, a hydrogen economy's premier carbon benefits, the broad
efforts of several key companies that are partnering with the U.S
Department of Energy in comprehensive RD&D efforts, a package of tax
incentives and the opportunities for the 110th Congress. We expect a
vigorous discussion.

Hydrogen Highlights: EPAct 05 and Beyond - Jerome Hinkle, National
Hydrogen Association

Hydrogen Fueling Infrastructure: Today's Status and Tomorrow's Needs -
Richard Goodstein, Air Products and

Addressing Energy Security and Climate Change: Transforming the
Transportation Sector - Keith Cole, General

Motive Power for Light and Heavy Vehicles - Judith Bayer, UTC Power

Building New Markets for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Ethan Brown,
Ballard Power Systems

There will be additional displays of hydrogen and fuel cell
applications from the Department of Defense.

For further information, please contact Jerome Hinkle of the National
Hydrogen Association (202.261.1307). Please RSVP by June 19th
toc_maxwell@acs.org [c_maxwell@acs.org](excepting Hill staff, the
Capitol requires an advance attendee list).  After the briefing,
several manufacturers
will have hydrogen vehicles available at Peace Circle for


Posted by Mike Swift on June 24, 2007, 10:26 pm

Notice that nowhere is there any mention of economics.  I guess with
enough laws and guns the economics dose not matter.


Remember companies do not pay taxes.  They only collect
them from their customers for payment to the government.

Posted by CM on July 2, 2007, 8:57 pm
Supported entirely by government research grants and subsidies. Without
that, there would be no "hydrogen community", except for the traditional H2
uses in industry.

Prototype concept cars that will never get into production. The H2 FC cars
are way too expensive, and the H2 ICE cars cost too much, have too short a
driving range, and are too costly to run. After all, how many people are
willing to pay over $0 GGE (gallon of gas equivalent) for fancy H2 fuel?


Posted by Neon John on July 3, 2007, 12:11 am

Right you are.  Hydrogen isn't an energy source.  It's simply a particularly
inefficient method of transporting energy made by some other means.  If someone
me to come up with THE worst possible energy transport mechanism, I couldn't
think of
anything much worse.

Resembles a similar "controversy" built on hyped lies.  That LEDs are/will be
efficient than any other form of lighting.  Something I read yesterday had some
professor (why would anyone print anything an academic says?) claiming that LEDs
better than H/LPS for outdoor lighting.  He based that on LEDs somehow achieving
lumens/watt.  The very best state-of-the-art is around 80 and quantum
limitations are
rearing their ugly heads at this point.

I recall a time when I made fun of past generations for believing in things like
phlogiston and blood letting and patent medicines.  I now realize that nothing's
changed.  In the past it was ritualistic witch burning.  Now it's ritualistic
of "the environment".  People repeat (and believe) crap that is demonstrably
false on
its face.  The so-called "hydrogen economy" is just one of many.  About the only
thing that's changed is that modern media lets them act the fool at the speed of

John De Armond
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http://www.johndearmond.com  <-- best little blog on the net!
Tellico Plains, Occupied TN
If stupidity hurt then there'd be Aspirin in the salt shakers.

Posted by Anthony Matonak on July 3, 2007, 1:31 am
 Neon John wrote:

someone asked

think of

There is always something much worse. Not being able to think of it just
means a failure of research and imagination. :)

Consider the idea of broadcast electromagnetic energy that was put
forward some time back by a now rather famous fellow. This is so
incredibly inefficient that the vast majority of the energy is just
wasted. The advantage of wireless transmission of electricity is far
outweighed by the waste of energy and the occasional cooked trespasser.


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