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Posted by Niel Humphreys on March 12, 2007, 5:19 am

Yes, Global Warming is Real, but CO2 is not the cause!

How can you people believe <1% of CO2 can influence the 99% of heated air?

Is not the CO2 that caused the problem, it is the actual heat source that
vibrates the electrons of OXYGEN & NITROGEN.  The vibrations started from
the ground, from your car engines, from factories, fuel producers, etc
including your Nuclear Plants because they generated over 5000 degree F
pouring the heat into water and the heated water vaporized into the air.

Keep in mind 99% of the air contains Oxygen and Nitrogen; they are the ones
that melt the Ices that Scientists accused CO2.

Today scientists are so stupid; I just can't believe they claim CO2 trapping
the heat.  You cannot trap the heat with light object; it has to be a bigger
object (in large quantity) to trap the 99% of heated air.

So to solve the problem is to cut the heat, not CO2!    If you/they need
help then talk to people that can help.  Going to force the public to pay
tax for CO2 is stupid and crazy; it won't solve anything.

Posted by harry k on March 12, 2007, 2:20 pm
On Mar 11, 10:19 pm, "Niel Humphreys"

Ooookkaaay...As I tiptoe away.

Harry K

Posted by BobG on March 12, 2007, 2:22 pm
 Less than 1%?  CO2 is less than 0.1%! (0.032% or so). Here's an
experiment to see if CO2 will hold heat for 100 years: Get a big
cylinder of O2 and N2, add 1% CO2. Cover bottom of cylinder with
material than converts short wave IR to longwave IR (dirt?) Expose
cylinder to solar insolation for 12 hours. Measure temperature
increase at end of the day. Repeat temperature measurements for 100
years. Hey! No fair! It colled off at night! I thought it was suppose
to hold heat??

Posted by Niel Humphreys on March 12, 2007, 4:27 pm

I agree CO2 is so far less but I want to make the accuser of CO2 a bit

I know what you meant but your suggested experiment could confuse the
public.  You would want to suggest something that the public can do to test
the theory.

Here is my suggestion.,

1.) Measure the temperature of your garage.  Close it tight

2.) Go out there driver your car for 2-3 hours, bring your car into your
garage close the garage tight.  Measure the temperature at that time
quickly.  Write it down.

3.) Wait 1/2 hours, come back and measure your garage temperature again.
You will see the heat comes up.  You can even feel the heat yourself.

This is to prove that CO2 was not produced in your garage at that time but
the heat cover the air in your garage.

Posted by daestrom on March 12, 2007, 10:08 pm

Idiotic suggestion.  Heat loss from the planet is by infrared radiation, not
conduction nor convection.  So the garage and the planet have *nothing* in
common.  Is it any wonder that two different things, that rely on two
different heat transfer mechanisms behave differently?

Why don't you study how the planet losses heat into space, and what sorts of
things can change the rate that heat is dissipated out into space?  Then
think about what sorts of things can change the rate of radiant heat loss
from the planet and what sorts of things can change the rate of heat gain.
Who knows, you might learn something new.


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