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International Seminars in Solar Photovoltaic and Thermal

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Posted by EEC European Energy Centre on February 26, 2010, 11:36 am

International Seminars at the European Centre for Renewable Energy of
Centro Studi Galileo in Milan (CEER), held by experts of the most
prestigious British Universities and Institutes.

CEER was recently inaugurated by the United Nations, see video at

The International Seminars on Renewable Energy will take place on the
17-18 March 2010 (Solar Photovoltaic) and on the 19-20 March 2010
(Solar Thermal) in Milan  Italy.

view www.EUenergycentre.com or the PDF file at www.centrogalileo.net/semina=

Those seminars provide the answers to the world needs for new
technologies in renewable energies. The seminars have been organised
following the very high demand for new technologies in renewable
energies which have been discussed during the 13th European
organised with the United Nations in Milan and also following the
conference under the auspices of the Italian government on the Green
New Deal which took place in Pune (India).

The seminars are based on the EMTEU Project for technicians working
wanting to work in the fields of Solar Photovoltaic and Solar
Those specific training seminars are aimed at an International
audience, specifically for design engineers, contractors, installers
and maintenance personnel; all technicians wanting to start or
increase their business in solar.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform that the
European Directive 2009/28/EC, article 14, is covered extensively by
the European Project EMTEU - Energy Management Technician in Europe,
which we have put together with all European representatives.

This is therefore a unique opportunity to learn from the experience
UK leading experts from Universities and Institutes. As for all
courses organised in the past 36 years by Centro Studi Galileo  the
teachers are world leading experts and renowned consultants  Click
here to view the major experts of Centro Studi Galileo. You will have
the opportunity to learn from worldwide experts at the Renewable
Energy Centre headquarters in Milan (Italy) and you will also have
opportunity to meet and share opinions and information with
individuals from different working backgrounds and experience in the
field. It is a unique experience.

Trainers of the International Seminar at the European Renewable

(view photos and details at www.EUenergycentre.com )

Jyotirmoy Roy, University of Loughborough-Leicester UK, Applied
Photovoltaic Research Group at the Centre for Renewable Energy
Technology (CREST) and with worldwide practical experience.

Ian Tansley, expert of the Institute of Alternative Technology-Wales,
Bright Light Solar-United Kingdom, with a world-renowned experience,
working for the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and
other leading organisations.

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