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Posted by Josepi on December 19, 2010, 4:55 am
I have researched a lot of these "Bedini" blamed projects on various
Internet places and they all seem to stem from the same problem.

The "scientists" do not understand how to read a meter or understand what
their equipment is really telling them.

They wind a motor with two coils or more on each pole. They create a
feedback circuit that triggers a transistor switch from each pole's second
winding that drives the main coil with a stronger pulse. The motor turns,
usually after being hand started only. The second winding produces sharp
pulsed voltage spikes which they also rectify and feed to a second battery.
They meter the input battery and the output spikes. Now the take the output
spike and multiply the voltage they get (on some cheap meter  reading a bad
form factor) time the current (same waveform problem) and voila! Big watts
output for only small input.

And on top of it all they have a turning motor that all the ibeciles think
can turn a huge generator and produce more free energy. Research YouTube and
you will see that every one of these morons have been challenged to make the
circuit self running withot any battery and never give a response.

I am sure these are promoted by the magnet selling companies. The inspiring
videos are made by the original electrical magicians that spoof the idiotic
crowd. You can buy plans to wind a two pole generator on your fingers for
$9 for the 12 page download instruction document in many places. I have
personally had over 2000 of these garbage videos removed from youtube with
the help of a few others.

There may be some pyamid scheme happening here too that suckers buy into and
then have to scam others to recoup the thousands of dollars they have spent.

Well what drives the whole thing, to PRODUCE ENERGY?

- Jane Galt

Posted by Josepi on December 19, 2010, 4:36 am
We have travelled this road before and this is all just overunity nonsense,
the same as it was last time.

When you mention Bedini and a motor, we all know it is a complete scam.
Bedini has only ever produced a more efficient way of charging and
rejuvenating batteries. Bedini makes no claims to produce more energy than
he puts in or uses. The Bedini energy production is all complete nonsense
and not based on Bedini's accomplishments. He would be insulted and may take
legal action against people using his name. Try Telsa for a SCAM that is
harder be litigated from.

You still have not supplied this group, again, with the source of your
energy. You appear to have very poor knowledge of any energy facts, quoting
this BS repeatedly. Most of the people here know the difference between
power and energy, know what a fornm factor and power factor is (except m
II). I doubt you do either or you would save your nonsense for another

I am reposting this again for those of you who missed it...

RPM is a combination of technologies that have been around for a very
long time. This is all hands on stuff...no plug & play here.

a PWM (pulse width modulator) allows a DC motor, or a set of trigger
coils to spin at much higher frequency speeds than of 60Hz limitation
now has. A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) can be used on 220-480 AC
motors to accomplish the same thing. So a DC motor rated at 24VDC
1800RPM 60Hz can spin at speeds upwards to 10,000RPM and 300+Hz. This
gives the motor more low end torque, while consuming the same or less
energy. The key here is torque.

So imagine the PWM motor directly attached to a 50-100 pound flywheel,
spinning at let's say 1000 RPM. You can then use a series of
magnetically driven pulleys to spin a series of AC and/or DC motors at
same RPM or higher by making different pulley sizes. The result is much
less drag, and the ability to compensate for load drag using a auto
servo circuit to keep RPM constant under heavier loads.

Watch this video to see the magdrive in action:

This video will explain in full detail how to build one:


This video shows you how to build a grid tie inverter with off the shelf


Here is a video on what a Bedini circuit is:

I took several different ideas, and made it work for my RPM setup. What
I did on my setup was to use the Bedini approach to run & charge 2 banks
of batteries that only run my PWM.

My PWM is run with the Bedini style circuit. Battery Bank A (24v 18AH)
runs my PWM. The Bedini then charges Battery Bank B (24v 18AH). I then
use a DPDT relay, and an mechanical appliance timer to swap batteries.
Bank A drives the PWM, Bank B charges, then after an hour Bank B then
drives the PWM, and Bank A charges.

Jim Rojas

Posted by Jim Rojas on December 19, 2010, 3:55 am
 Curbie wrote:

Curbie, I have been married for 30 years. I have no delicate sensibility
left... :)

Jim Rojas

Posted by Jim Rojas on December 19, 2010, 3:18 am
 Curbie wrote:

I have no financial incentive on any posts I offer here, other than
trying to help others to save money. I offer what I have tried and
tested for free.

I always use my real name and my real email address in every one of my
posts. Sure I am new to this group, but if you do a quick Google search,
you will find I have been posting on newsgroups since 1996.

Jim Rojas

Posted by Curbie on December 19, 2010, 3:56 am
I been on the net since ARPANET and have seen plenty of scams where
goal was misinformation, scams are scams no matter what the goal is.

We'll keep at this till there's no doubt to any reader that you have
no simple, straight forward answer to this very simple question:

Where does the energy your device produces (or doesn't) come from???


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