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Posted by Michael B on June 18, 2011, 10:54 pm

Posted by Michael B on June 18, 2011, 10:56 pm
Yes, you are indeed saying it. But showing it? Nope.

I am showing and saying that these reactions are

Posted by Michael B on June 19, 2011, 12:26 am

Not that I have ascribed any credibility to your verbal meanderings,
I did happen to notice in this one that you used the Earth in analogy
to a permanent magnet. You note "what happens when it speeds up".
What you call "changes from backward motion, to forward motion".

So the Earth was somehow going backwards? An increase of speed
somehow represents a change from backward motion? Please explain
in words that even I can understand. This is your chance. Convince me
as you expect me to explain it to your often-mentioned school children.

Posted by Energy-Ingenuity on June 19, 2011, 12:16 pm

What I am saying is that backward motion (pulling force), and forward
motion (pushing force) can be controlled by speed.  Without changing
the Poles, these reactions are controlled!  What Law of Physics claims
anything about different speeds causing different reactions, with
regards to needed input?  Come here so you can test some of these
devices built, or build one so you can test, then you will know how it
works.  It will help knowing what you are looking for, so you will be
able to find it.  Put 2 magnets on a table, while they just set there,
nothing happens.  When you add motion, reactions are caused, this
motion can also be controlled by motion!  It is not the Poles that
swap, it is Wardforce, forward and backward motion or push, pull, what
ever word you want to use for describing these reactions!
BUILD or have one built!  I have not seen anyone give cause and effect
with respect to the Sun's Poles changing or the Earth, only that it
happens.  Do you see how I demonstrate these reactions on video and
try to share this cause and effect with others.  If we don't teach
others what we have learned, what good does it do for the future of
our children, or ... mankind?

Can you answer my question?  What law of Physics refers to, when
changing speed, 3 different reactions are caused, with regards to
input requirement?  If we have never seen a Tree before, can you
describe a Pine Tree?  I am talking about something that cannot be
seen, held or touched and the only way you know it exists, is by the
reactions cause.  I tell you the reactions caused, show on video,
invite you to come here for testing, give drawings for building a
device, show an US patent, show US patent pending, give reference of
witnesses, ...  Do you really think I would be able to show all this
and it not be true?  Do you really think that High Schools, like
Livingston High School, would let me demonstrate to their children
with out knowing my claims are true?

PS I will be putting another video on my website by the end of June
2011, watch for it.

Posted by Curbie on June 16, 2011, 7:18 am
 Another attempt at evading the answer to why Laws of Physics don't
apply to this scam.

regards to anything?  
Laws of Physics apply to reality not fairytales, and that's why
fairytales don't comply with the laws of Physics. No so complicated,
is it.

We've all seen Hollywood videos and artist drawings of all kinds of
fantasies, but most people don't confuse those with reality as far as
your patent that's for a simple generator or alternator and NO WHERE
does it reference this magic "Ward-farce" that you use to try to make
these claims believable.

As far as your and all other scammers that invite me to see their
magic that don't comply with the laws of Physics, why didn't ANY, NOT
ONE of the energy corporation, or professors and teachers you claimed
to have demonstrated this to, see your "physical proof", they all got
to see a working device, "demonstrated" by the patent holder.

If you couldn't scam those professionals, what make you think you'll
any better luck with me, you can't even keep all your lies straight???

...But still you keep posting your gibberish and asking for donations
without shame.

This is a flat-out SCAM, by a known scammer.


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